Yay! So this is my first journal, and my first entry in it, so I will do a quick explanaition of my last few days: Changed my avatar, played zomg w/ cherryred, still trying to get the doll from katsumi. Found out zomg doesnt work on my computer submitted poem, melody of stars, on the poem/lyrics arena, created poem forum, went shopping, played my ds, did a bunch of jigsaw puzzles, hurt myself while sledding, fell up the stairs a couple of times, slipped on the ice once, played with my cat, 3nodding , wnet on my computer, yelled at my computer, got my computer to work again, watched 3 episodes of house, stayed up past two, got icecream, forgot about icecream, found melted ice cream, got annoyed that I let my ice cream out, forgot to do my homework (again), drew, attempted to work on my story, got writers block, got really annoyed about getting writers block, played with my dog, and worked on this really lame journal post.....A day in the life of me... stare