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My Random Journel
Many different things, some could be notes for something larger.
Wisdom Teeth Part 3
My third day since getting my wisdom teeth pulled out and I wake up at 1:34 PM after having slept for 14 hours to my supervisor knocking on my door to see how I was. At this point I hadn't even washed my mouth out with salt water yet wich hardly helps.

(In fact if anything it only increases the pain that I feel, however it's good so that infections don't take hold. I'm supposed to be washing my mouth out with salt water every 20 minutes or so, to tell the truth I only do it after I eat, honestly who would want to do it more?)

Anyway I welcomed my supervisor into my room and we talked for a bit. In the meantime I tried to set up my PS2 (My supervisor wanted to play starwars battlefront 2) which wasn't working too well, for some reason it wasn't recognizing any disks put into the machine. This wasn't too big of a problem for me, the way I see it is PS2's are cheap and I don't place a lot of value on money. My supervisor however being of the eccentric type was a little upset over this, finnally after about 20 minutes I got it to work again, and we played about 3 or 4 hero battles. Then I told him I really needed to take a shower (which I did) and so he left.

As soon as my supervisor had left I took a shower and, made somthing to eat. I was feeling mostly good although about 20 minutes after I had somthing to eat I experienced a large amount of pain, in my chest which was wierd. Afterwords I stuck in Tales of The Abyss and played that for the rest of the day. Over all it was a pretty good day (albeit uneventful and painless).

Wisdom Teeth Part 2
(Before story notes, Oxycodone is a drug that may be prescribed to you as a pain reliever due to getting your wisdom teeth removed, its a powerful drug similar to morphine in pain killing effects and the side affect that makes you incredibly disoriented. Though I believe that morphine makes you mentally disoriented as well as physically disoriented, where Oxycodone only makes you physically disoriented.)

Well in any case let me start off by saying that I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Having your wisdom teeth removed isn't a particularly painful experience, however I have been having trouble with it for these reasons.

One I've probably sucked a little bit too much causing the gauze to come out of the wholes left in my mouth slightly. This creates the problem of making you salivate too much when you go to bed, which isn't really that big of a problem except that is is much more difficult to get to sleep, and you have to put a bad towel down on the pillow (which you would have to do anyway because you WILL bleed throughout the night not a lot but enough). So that on its own is only slightly annoying... but not bad.

Next DON'T take medicine if you can help it. The reason why is the pain for me anyway wasn't and still isn't all that bad. but if you do and you have no one to rely on taking you around if you need to leave your room/house, especially by car. you are in trouble (basically don't use a car unless you use it before you take your medicine)... I almost died today literally, I being an idiot took my oxycodone because of another problem that i had that will be explained next. i almost crashed my car twice within a short less than a mile drive. Strangely enough probably because of the oxycodone it wasn't very traumatic.

Next, make sure you eat... soft foods, the reason I took my car out was because I had no soft foods so I had to go to the Base Exchange/commissary (its like a grocery store on a military base) to pick up some tomato soup and other soft foods. The reason i took the medicine wasn't because the holes in my mouth where they took the wisdom teeth out, but from the pain that stemmed from malnutrition and dehydration. This is due to the fact that i hadn't ate anything for near 24 hours and i hadn't drank anything for 12 hours, and I had an extremely bad headache, which is much better now but now because i took the oxycodone though I feel incredibly and uncomfortably, disoriented.

The reason why I hadn't eaten anything was due to the fact that I felt sick this was because of a mixture of two things which were not, and could not have been my fault. One was the amount of blood i swallowed on the first day due to the anesthesia, and the second was the taste of cloves which they had the gauze soaked in that is in my mouth (and has to stay in my mouth for a week, though I don't taste the cloves near as much anymore). So far anyway that is about the extent of my experiences with having my wisdom teeth removed. I'll add more to what I find to be an extremely uncomfortable although rather interesting time, as time goes on. Until then ciao.

P.S. part 1 will come later... Strange right?

An Apology
Haunted by an existence I once was. Those who I've hurt and the scars on my soul from the damage I've done. These things hurt more than a thousand days of torture and physical abuse. If a simple sorry would erase my sins I would gladly give it, but I feel that I will never be able to be sorry enough. I would just hope that those I've wronged will be able to forgive me. My pain however will always last, acting a a reminder that I have sinned, and to dissuade me from making the same mistakes.

This is for all who I have wronged, I apologize from the depths of my heart.

especially to Dana Skiles, for I never really knew what love was until we were already apart. They say that the worst mistakes in life involve loved ones, now I know its true.

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Anime: Haibane Renmei (Charcoal Feather Federation)

Haibane Name: Reki
(original name unknown as with all Haibanes).

(as long as she remains sin-bound she may not take her day of flight)

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