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Just Another Day ~ LOL. What you are about to read... Is what happens real life.. i'm not afraid to share whats in my life. There are somethings that you might not understand what I wrote. They're probably just some feelings that I cannot describe. Hahaha ~ So... Make

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This is the first. =(
You know, after today, I realized the saying, "There's a first for everything."
It came to me. That I actually believe the saying. I use to think that. When people say that... there was not a first to everything. I always thought that.. you've gotta home "SOME" experience. =/
This week's been tough. =(
I have never had 8 injuries in one week before. But you know the saying.. there's always a first to everything.
Anyways. So on Friday, I got pushed to the ground by my kind friend (Scruffy). I had scratches and bruises on my left leg. Then during Physical Education, the stupid teacher made us run and exercise without letting us stretch. And then came Sunday.. this was a BIG injury. =(
I was playing tennis with my friends.. and... I jumped... in the parking lot.. (You know the line for the cars telling you where to jump or what not? Yeah I jumped from one line to another..)
And then.. when I landed on my left leg, I heard a pop sound... and and... I fell down and all my friends were like, "OMG Cherrie Are You Okai?!"
I was lying there saying, "Iunno..." I think thats when my eyes were filled with tears...
And then, Iunno, they were like " Can you walk?"
And I couldn't .. they were kind enough to call my mom. I guess.. she kinda rushed to me... along with my grandma.. but... I am glad to have people who care for me. biggrin

Anyways.. now i know how it is to feel with an injured knee, I will forever be careful.
Like they say, " There's Always A First To Everything" mrgreen

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