The Izuma's Manor.

Sayuri slumped her bag over the couch, as soon as she entered her bedroom. She then carefully placed her violin on top of one of the tables in front of the northern wall where her violins are displayed, each kept inside a glass case to preserve them. Many violins are displayed, and each and every one of them belongs to Sayuri. The violins have different sizes, and colors. Many of them are given to Sayuri as presents, but some she bought for herself. The violins are organized according to the dates when they were given to her. She opened her violin's case~ the one she brought to school today. She looked at it and then to the violins displayed, thinking which violin would be the best to bring to school the next day.

"Thinking of another violin to bring tomorrow?" her brother Akihiko asked.

Sayuri turned around to face her brother then said, "Onii-sama, can you knock first before entering my room?" Akihiko smiled at her, went outside the door and knocked, "Can I come in?"

Sayuri sighed and turned back to her violin then called out for her brother to come inside.

Akihiko walked inside room towards Sayuri. "Changing violins?" he asked as he patted his sister's head.

Sayuri nodded and said, "Yes. Onii-sama, which of these violins here should I take tomorrow?"

Akihiko surveyed the violins and pointed to one made with glass.

"I like that one."

Sayuri followed Akihiko's gaze. She pouted when she saw what violin her brother was pointing at.

"Onii-sama! I can't take that to school! It might break!"

Akihiko laughed at her and said, "Okay. That was the violin given to you by some kind of glass company, am I right? As I remembered, they gave it to you because you are exceptionally gifted in playing a violin."

Sayuri looked down, hiding her now red face
"Yes. That's right."

Akihiko laughed and messed up Sayuri's hair, "I like that one too," he said, indicating one of the purple violins.

Sayuri looked up and sighed, "Onii-sama, I can't play that, the strings are beaded, It's just a violin for display.."

"Oh. I didn't notice," Akihiko said, then pointed to another one, "How about that one, the glossy red violin?"

Sayuri considered then said, "That's fine for me."

She took out her black violin from the case and went to its glass case. She placed the violin inside, complete with its bow. Akihiko helped her to carefully place its casing to a cabinet below the glass cases and find the red violin's own case. When done, Sayuri went to the Red Violin's glass case, dialed the password on the hidden keypad at the side of the case and carefully took the violin outside. She closed the glass door and went to her brother, who was done dusting off the case.

"Thank you, Onii-sama," she said, then kissed her brother on his cheek. "Will you play with me? After I tune this violin?"

Akihiko smiled at her and said, "Sure. I'll be waiting at the living room."

Sayuri grabbed her tuner from her table and, as soon as she was done, walked outside her room, and almost ran down the stairs towards the living room.

"Onii-sama!" she called out to her brother, who was sitting on the couch, busily wiping his viola.

"There you are," he smiled, "What song do you want to play?"

"Er..How about Passacaglia?"

Akihiko sighed. "That's a hard piece little sis. Oh well. Let's play it then."

"Thanks," Sayuri said, then positioned herself to start playing.

Sayuri's Violin Collection (Still not finished)