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A story to begin.
Possibly just a story I suddenly thought of beginning.I'm not good at writing so yeah.
Writing 1
Read this? >w< I came up with the idea and I want to know your opinion o-o

A little voice calls out to Kazun and he sits up, opening his eyes, and blinking looking around. He immediately caught sight of his beloved wife and grinned excitingly, springing out of the white sheets in the white painted room. Kazun never really liked the color but he thought it was all okay. He grits his teeth feeling that funny sensation that he thought was never right but figured it was okay. His skin was a dark color but sickly toned and wrapped ever so carefully in bandages to 'keep him together.' He clung to his wife who seemed to have her usual expression; quiet eyes and a bizarre smile that you had to turn your head upside down to really see right; how strange! Kazun gazed up at his wife, grinning , oh so happy to see her; she didn't visit him in his little white room much but every time she visited Kazun would burst into excitement. Today Kazun was really excited; he had gathered whatever he could get his hands on and made his beloved wife a ring to wear! He had never given her a ring before and after watching that strange hanging box over and over again, he knew for sure his wife needed a ring ever so badly. Kazun let go of his wife after a few minutes and tinkered with the ring in his pocket, keeping in his pocket so she wouldn't see the surprise. He sat fixated criss-cross with his palms on the white sheet, supporting himself slightly as Kazun watched his wife and the doctor speak quietly, from ear to lips. Kazun never understood why his wife had to speak with her lips so close to the doctor's ears but he figured the man was hard at hearing. Kazun also couldn't quite explain why he himself couldn't hear any of what they said but thought it was okay. His wife looked directly at him with that strange smile that was just okay, and those eyes that seemed to 'sweat' as he thought. His beloved wife walked over to him and hugged him tightly letting go with the strange fluid pouring slightly more from her eye sockets. "Good bye, Kazun";she seemed to have more trouble saying those words than Kazun with saying the alphabet. Kazun blinked at her confused and not quite happy that she was leaving so soon. "Good Bye Anna." For once he had no trouble remembering her name and hadn't stumbled over the consonants. More of that fluid had suddenly flowed down her cheeks as she wipes them off and steps back. Kazun smiled for a moment, Shes tricin me! Anna is stayeeng! Anna is stayeeng! Kazun wanted to clap with joy but felt that would be a little too silly right now. The doctor stepped forward with a weird pointy object with a fluid inside more bizarre than Anna's eye water. Kazun blinks at it as the man stabs the needle into his flesh. Everything Kazun sees starts fading into a blackness. "A-Anna; I'm scared...;" Kazun was always scared of the dark and always needed his beloved wife by his side..All he sees before it turns to black is her eyes looking back at his with hate, pain, and tears. Anna? Are you not happy with me? Anna? Why is it so dark now? Why is it so cold? Another voice entered Kazun's head, one much like his own except more angry, and more mean; emotions he had never understood until now. You b*****d, you rape that poor woman; Can't you see that now? She never loved you, she only hated you; she feared you. She only stayed with you out of pity. There was never love between you two; she wanted you dead the moment she knew she was pregnant with your child, the child with your tainted blood. Do you see now? Your dead. The doctor man injected a poison in you; into your system to end your pathetic life. Oh and did you not see how your beautiful wife looked at the man those many other times she 'visited just for you'? She loved him. Not you. Him. Kazun watched now as his memories played back more clearly now, starting from when he was born. He could feel anything and everything in his mother's womb but the memories drifted by so fast he couldn't remember the warmth of that woman that had hardly been in his life; too fast for him to enjoy through the eyes of someone normal. Now he wasn't messed up, he wasn't sick. He was perfectly normal. But dead. The 'oh so romantic' moment when he had met his wife for the first time played by in Kazun's head as he stares at it in disgust with himself. He now could see the hateful eyes that he claimed to be his beloved wife's. The eyes that didn't love him. He was starting to slowly run out of memories; slowly stepping closer to death. Kazun opened his eyes seeing a bright, cold, light.

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