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It's my newspaper that i post only on gaia.
The Samurai part 3 Extinction
Although the Samurai were the ideal soldier with the invention of the gun the sword, bow, staff, spear etc. etc. were becoming obsolete and with them the Samurai also. As Japan's military turned towards heavier weapons such as rifles, canons, and machine guns the Samurai's fighting tactics were no longer required. With the new military system came new rules and regulations. The rule which was a major deciding factor for the future of the Samurai was a rule which stated, only officers will could were a sword. In the point of view or the Samurai, it would be a great dishonor to use a gun and to give up their katana, which if you remember is believed to be a part of a Samurai's soul. Seeing how the emperor no longer seemed to need the way of the Samurai, they turned to new life styles. Or in Saigo Takamori's case led a rebellion against the new system which had banned the way of the Samurai. Takamori was a true Samurai he led his men up against the Meiji administration head on and died. He died an honorable death on the battle field defending what he thought was right. Honor, A word that has lost all meaning in this country, was practiced and perfected by the Samurai; although the Samurai have left this world their influence is everlasting. They set an example for all and inspired others to live a life worth-while, and honorable.
The Black Rose

I serve the Man with bleeding wrists, who do you serve?

The Samurai part 2 Weapons
The Samurai obviously used their infamous katanas. But was that all they used?
No, of course not but the katana was the most important and was carried by all Samurai despite their primary weapon. Acctually bushi children under the age of 5 would recieve their first katana in a ceremony called "mamori-gatana" this was of course only a display blade made for nothing but. But when the child turned 13 another ceremony was held where the child became a man. He was also given his blades; the katana and the wakizashi, armor, and his adult name. The Samurai believed the katana to be a living spirit and part of them. Once the wakizashi was given to the new Samurai it never left his side. He slept with it and when he went indoors all other weapons were left outside. The Samurai lived by the katana and died by the wakizashi. A third weapon the Samurai used was the yumi or the long bow. This weapon had an art of it's own called ky┼źjutsu or skill of the bow. Last but not least the Samurai used the yari or the spear. This was used to even the playing field while up against calvary. Or make the job of horse riders easier. A Samurai could kill anyone with any of these weapons, but if someone managed to disarm the Samurai of all his weapons...he would kill them with his hands. The Samurai was the perfect soldier and man was not able to kill them...although the gun was and did.

I serve the Man with bleeding wrists, who do you serve?

The Samurai part 1 Honor
The Samurai (warrior). A fearless, honorable, facinating, yet dangerous force. The samurai knew one thing and one thing only, to live and die by the sword for the sake of their emperor and the well being of Japan. As we all know everything in this world has laws and rules. In the samurai's case, they had a code. A code of honor to do whats right no matter what the cost... even if that meant thier own death or worse, thier families. This code was called the Bushido or the way of the warrior. The Bushido was not written nor was it needed to be. It was in all essence simply a way of life handed down from generation to generation. Now the term to live and die by the sword means what it sounds like. The Samurai trained day in and day out in the martial art of Kendo or the way of the sword. And when the time came where they, the samurai, recieved the honor of protecting the emperor they gladly went to war and died. If a Samurai was ever about to be taken as a POW, to retain their honor they would take their sword and kill themself so they would still die by the sword. In Japanese culture, dying in war was the best death a Samurai could ask for as well as their family.

I serve the Man with bleeding wrists, who do you serve?

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