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My Journal of Nothing Special
Not much in here, never used really.
/* My only story that I've written without being forced so far */

I was gonna jump out the plane, but the air was too thick. Almost like pudding, but didn’t taste as good. And the clouds were angry. They lost their shoes. I think the cats took them. That’s when the hippos with trombones for wings flew by. One was purple. He liked to dance. His feet made a bunch of noises. He put them in a box, but she couldn’t see it. Nope, not her. She’s deaf. And she put volcanoes in her ice cream too. Once my cousin fell into some ice cream. Never saw him again. But he writes us post cards every now and then. Says the dinosaurs are good at arm wrestling. Did you see that? I see a reflection in my TV screen. It looks like it’s in a room that I could walk into, but I don’t have any cookie canoes. And none shall pass someone always tells us. I think the two headed dragon ate their computer. I don’t blame them. That computer wouldn’t stop talking to people in china. My chair tried to eat me but it choked on a seat belt and I was thrown into space. Grandma was there. She had cookies. And muffins too! But no cookies! And then the boot grew a mushroom and everyone cheered for it marked the coming of the day when matter no longer had to abide to the rules. They were free. Free to roam time, but not places. Not without a banana shaped like a mattress fit for a theoretical fabric. Spun from a sloth of the northern regions of the planes of diverse singularity. When an unstoppable force hits an immovable object, it just goes around. Sometimes in the car pool lane. I don’t like that lane, to many hearts and hairs on the path. But my cheese was sculpted here, and there, but not over there. Next to you! We don’t understand light. We think we do. But we don’t. We just accept it, we are all caged but no one wants to look for the key. And even if they did, none of them would find it. Because they don’t exist. Only that door does. But it’s green. And we aren’t compatible with green. At least that’s what the pixie tells us. I wouldn’t trust her. I’ll build a submarine with legs. And then I’ll eat some pie. I hope the atoms don’t mind. They’ve done so much for us already. The spots I see. The yellow ones. They’re watching me. And they hired my cat. And then I fell into a hole. I landed on a man made of energy. He told me about his hair and how he needs to use a special type of porcupine to brush it. Otherwise the ground will weep and only eat legs. But I saved sandwiches and that made the sheeps happy. Then a pirate came into the grocery store and bought some green beans. And the calculator had a syntax error which made infinity divisible. And then a leprechaun took a bite of me shoe. I am larger then a mountain but smaller then an ant and that means that tomorrow is gonna rain. But how should I know? I’m only an umbrella! But the polka dots said not to do that. Se read a book. It was a door to the outer regions. My foot is on fire! But I have some pickles so I’m good. But are you? If only the circle would let me in. I could show Pac-Man how to dance. But he keeps eating pellets and getting in fights with ghosts.

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