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Bro_27's Journal
my true filling's dont try to hard to read into them you will get lost
you asked why
i am never sober always high
in this life that is suck a lie
you ask me why i live this way
its because i wont let my mind pay
give me a reason to stay sober and i will
till then i will just take anther pill
you think i have so much going for me
well show me what you see
i am nothing will never be grate
if you dont beleave me just wait
so i will stay ******** up and you wont see
anything that happens to me
and when i go to bed the next day i will wake
then i will get ******** up just how long will it take

it is funny how life has its ups and downs
how every thing is fine then your head starts to pound
how you can be worrying about life and how it is going to go
then worry about people and what they know
things change so fast you can never tell
everything that is said starts to ring a bell
the whole time you are in a pattern that will never end
just wait it out you will see my friend

request 1
she walks around and acts so small
really she can control it all
nothing is ever enough
always wanting more stuff
she wants everything she cant not have
things that sit just too far to grab
make friends then quickly leave
before they give her time to bleed

request 2
your so beautiful and you dont even know
your so sad and feel so low
listing to the people all around
keeps you held down to the ground
all you need is alitte hope alittle faith
a place were you can feel safe
because no one likes to be trapped in there mind
seeing nothing trying to look but they cant find

not so bad
not so bad
life in the dark is not so bad
you can feel bad when your already sad
the light of others shines so bright
and you can talk when your binded by that light
if never talk you wont say something wrong
in the shadows is not only a song
it says if you hid to long you cant be seen
but you show yourself in this life that is a dream


you talk but i already know the way
and it wont change no matter what you say
always being told to do what i think
but if you said that your not awake
always looking for a way out
thats really not what lifs about
but that is what it seems like to me
every time you say it, it kills me more
you know i cant listin so what are you saying it for
i know it is something you beleave i can do
but i need help to move i thought you already knew

nice to see you think you know all the games what is play what to say how things go were they stay how to be like you are the one who is free really you are the game you make the rules then start to play but you never made the rules you got play as a fool because no one follows them any way and there is not time to be afraid

tomorrow is my last day i quit i am done
it seems like i am not even having fun
i cant take the presser every day
feeling like i will never be ok
its been so long the time has passed
but for some reason this pain just last
i cant beleave it has come back after all this time
or maybe it never left maybe i was never fine
but no one can help no one can see
even if they tryed i would not let them help me
i just want to stop feeling this way
i dont care the price i have to pay
i cant feel the pain anyway but dont worry i wont die
because my friends have better things to do then cry

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