here's part 1 of my story: fire of her soul

There once was a time... a time when the world was whole...but that time seemed to vanish... demons were responsible for this...this meant one girl would lock away her soul...her pure soul gone for save everyone by rebelling at her own desendants kind... she is souless therefore like a doll, sleeping...waiting to awake to the time for her rebirth...only one can regain her soul and kill the demons once and for all...

"It seemed like a normal day, just any other, but I was wrong, this day was the begining of my life changing...forever,"
"let me take you back and show you what happened that name is Yukio Tsakura, I'm a boy who's just turned 16 and that's a big step for me.My mom and dad died 6 years ago, along with several other of my family members.I still am not sure what happened, ever since though I've been under the care of my uncle who couldn't make that family meeting. enough about me, so here I was the birthday boy heading home through what i'd thought to be a shortcut by alleyway. A man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. the next thing I knew he was this first encounter with a demon. I was grabbed from behind by another man who said "best not sqirm , when we steal your soul it'll just hurt alot more..." I elbowed him in the face and jumped to the side. they were about to lundge at me when two cloaked figures appeared...they began to fight them... but were they really on my side?"