Sailor Scout: Sailor Zurria
Planet of Origin: Zurria
Weapons: Sagittarius Crescent Bow, the Flute of Secret Hymn
Powers: Crystal Dust Attack, Zurria Blast, Sagittarius Diamond Arrows
Original Name: Zurrian
Name: Zurrian Visnae
Age: 19
B-Day: July 7th
B-Place: Zurria Kingdom
Eyes: Indigo
Hair: Long/ Hair/Maroon
Family: *Father* King Aurin and *Grandmother* Queen Anna
Talents: Can play any instrument, a poet, can make an exact copy of any painting, art, expert arch men, dancing, singing, and scientist.
Occupation: University Student
Major: Creative Arts, fourth year.
Likes: Music, art, science, plays, operas, mythology, animals, motorcycles, comics, books, family and friends, then of course guys especially bad ones.
Dislikes: Colds, medicine, peas, cities, rude people and enemies
Personality: She is calm and sticks to a strict code of rules. She seems older and very mature by how she speaks and by what she does. She will fight till death for those she cares for and her beliefs. Though she seems very serious, she is not always. She has her goofy crazed scientist moments. She has a much laid back attitude when the city is not in chaos and looks towards life in a very humorous way.
History: Was thrown with her grandmother through a portal like gateways towards a safe planet by her father to keep them safe from the negaverse when she was very young. The planet they landed was of course Earth. From then until she was able to become sailor scout was a very intelligent child.