Chapter 3 Sonic learns his power

So then Sonic ran as fast as thw wind. He caught up to crab, and smahed him in to pieces. Then Amy looked behind. She was relieved that she was ok. "Thank you Sonic!" Said Amy. "How did you do that?". Said Amy. Sonic looked puzzeled. He had no idea how he did that. "I don't know...." Said Sonic. Amy looked up at the sky. It was almost dark. Amy said. "We should find a place to sleep." Sonic looked around. He could only find water, grass, and hills. They kept looking around. "I found something." Shouted Amy. Sonic looked at Amy. Amy found a cave. "Common Sonic. Its preety warm here." Said Amy. So then Sonic joined Amy inside the cave. It was now night. You could hear wolfs howl and the moon shining. But suddenly a pack of clouds came. It started raining. With the sound of the dripping water. They both fell asleep quickly.