On January 11,2010 It was P.E. We were playing RacketBall. The one where you throw the ball the lowest against the people in your square? When I lost, I was like, OMG I don't wanna go. I was so nervous. So I moved down to court #4 and we just started the game. It's a good thing I had 2 friends with me. Oh, The_One_JK, if you're reading this, I'm going to get really mad. The_One_JK, The_Dark_Hado and iiheart_you_4_ever are a couple of my classmates at school also. Lol.
On January 12, 2010. I was going to my 6th period. I was running(to see my crush lol) to Janet and I was talking to her. Then I got mad at her(I won't tell you why) and ran after her. Then I tripped. Then one guy said,"Oooo. What happened?". Then I got up and Rayven(one of my friends at school also) asked me if I was okay. I said out loud,"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine". Then I looked back and then I saw my crush at the place I tripped. I was OMFG. But then in class I saw a rip in my pants. Not a big one though. Just small holes that poked through. Then it started to hurt really bad. Also(I should've mentioned this earlier), my legs were sore as hell. It was probably because of that. I'm not sure. I gotta go bye!