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DT Griffin
This is a story about my cat, my baby DT. She was 14 1/2 years old when we had to make the decision to let her go. We knew eventually it would happen but that day we weren't expecting it. She had been dealing with IBS since she was born. We were managing it with a wet food as well as dry food (bad I know) but we have 2 other cats who eat strictly dry food. So it was hard keeping her away from it. We had tried meds in the past when she was little but it never seemed to help and my mom just couldn't afford it. As she got older she developed arthritis early on. She HATED strangers and would lash out if they came near her. I met my husband and in order for me to move in he had to agree to accept her for who she was, a aggressive cat. And he did. We brought her to our new home and let her out of the crate. She went straight for him. I panicked. Now DT was already 9 years old set in her ways with strangers. But what was shocking is she didn't attack him. No she didn't. She hopped in his lap, curled in a ball and purred. She even let him PET her. Something she has NEVER done nor allowed with a complete stranger before. My parents and nana didn't believe it till they saw the photo of it I sent them right after. Even they were in shock. DT was my baby. She was my daughter Hermiones bestfriend and little guardian angel. DT loved my daughter just as my daughter loved her. DT encouraged my daughter to crawl and to walk. She was right there for her when she upset or sick. They adored each other. The day we made the decision to let her go was extremely difficult and unexpected. I woke up to bloody diarrhea all over my rug and the litter box. She looked so miserable. I also discovered she couldn't even eat. She lost a few of her teeth. 2 canines an some molars. It all happened at once. I was devastated not just because I had a decision to make but because my husband couldn't take off work to be with me and her. He was doing a big project with the city and couldn't leave. I'm a stay at home mom. I have no one but my mother in law here to watch my daughter but I was too emotionally devastated to drive so she drove me with my daughter and DT to the vet. DT who normally went completely berserk with vets and crates didnt even howl once. She let vets and nurses touch her without need of protection for themselves. I knew then it was time. She was in pain. I always said I would never let her be in pain. I told my husband I was going to let her go. My mother in law and daughter went to the waiting room and I said my goodbye. I said goodbye to my bestfriend. My baby. My cat that I at age 12 raised from 2 days old and fed with a eyedropper after she was born in my grandmother's bed and rejected by her mother because she was a runt and weak. As I said my goodbye, she touched my chin with her nose and weakly meowed at me and laid her head back on my chest. I could feel her fading in my arms before the vets even gave her the final shot. To not let her suffer I got the vet saying we were ready. He gave her the shot and she was gone in less then 20-30 seconds. They then said they had found a few small lumps on her body and suspected cancer because of her age. I couldn't hear anymore. I wanted to go home with my daughter and cuddle with her. I thanked the vet and nurse. Took the cat crate and exited the room. I thought letting my cat go was the hardest thing I've ever done but it wasn't. My daughter who was waiting for me with my mother in law in the waiting room saw me come out with the cat crate. She immediately went to it. (Shes 3 btw) she saw it was empty and asked where DT was. I told my daughter DT couldn't come home with us but that it was ok. She was over the rainbow bridge and feeling much better now. She looked at me confused but said ok. It didn't sink in until we started for the door. That's when my daughter broke down in hysterics. Continuously repeating 'My DT. Mommy dont leave my DT' it took every once of my own strength to stay calm for my daughter. I turned to a nurse who had a tissue to her eyes trying to hold back her own tears. They kindly helped us to the car. My daughter cried and begged for DT all the way home till I finally got her calmed and down for a nap. I then spent some time alone crying myself to sleep that evening. This story doesn't have a completely sad ending however. Since the loss of my cat DT aka my little demon. Our dog and 2 other cats seem much calmer. Happier almost. We are able to spend more time and love on them vs constantly worrying and taking care of DT. I still miss her and her cute little lightning bolt on her face. I miss waking up to her on my chest purring to wake me up for breakfast. I just really miss her. And always will. I am sharing this story to show even a animal seen as a demon can be loving and be so very very loved. This was my DT. My Double Trouble. Daddy's little angel. Mommys little demon. 💕

DT Griffin
May 18th, 2004-January 28th, 2019

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