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Nothing's Sweet about Me.
A series of Uneventful Events
[Inspired by The Catcher in the Rye, I decided to write up a little in first-person perspective. It's something I've never done before. owo Uncharted Waters.]

So one day, I found myself stuck in some appartment with no exit and a college rule notebook at my feet. What did I do? The same damn thing I always do when I have paper and free time. I wrote.
You're probably going to ask what the hell I would waste my time documenting this crap, instead of trying to be productive and find a way out of my personal dungeon.
Well, I have even more smart-a** anwsers, where this one came from.
I wasn't 'stuck', literally. My boyfriend, with whom I've been going out for two years, was sleeping in the other room after work.
Tough s**t.

My mother once told me, after I explained the situation to her (this happened a lot, you know) that the boy she was dating when she was my age, Andreas-something or other, would've never just left me to be bored in his living room for hours.

In short, either Dennis was about as exciting as a piece of wood, or I happen to be something to the event of Tylenol PM. I'm guessing the first option is more fitting. I, during the time I wrote, vaguely considered dumping him and purchasing one of those 'Pet Rocks'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, I'm talking about a little rock with 'googley-eyes' glued on them. It's a gag, you see.

And as time went by, I found myself becoming extremely agitated by the sound of mopeds outside. It's not like the sound of a car. Oh, no. It's louder and more high-pitched... comparible to the screaming of a prepubescent boy or something. I really hate little boys.

This leads me to another point. I hate men. Not in the obvious, Fem-Nazi sort of way, like one of my friends. More of a secret, sort of phoney way. I'll admit, I'm sort of two-faced. I have many male friends, and secretly, I can't stand any of them. It's in their genes or mine... but they all seem the same. I really hate men. (Heterosexual ones, anyway.) No matter what, there is always one subject that kills me when I talk to guys. (And not 'kills' in the funny sense, mind you.) Girls.

Whether is was watching that Hollywood- abortion known as Crank 2 with Dennis, or just listening to my male classmates talk about getting laid or who's a 'prude b***h'... they all seem like one big b*****d to me. One giant douche-bag that can divide itself into billions of straight men that all share the same personality. I really, really hate men.

Like this morning, when I was sitting in class neat to Simon and Finn. Simon was going on about how he was so pissed that he didn't score with this girl. Honestly, have you ever heard a girl getting worked up because she didn't have sex with a guy? That's just a load of BS, right there. It frustrates me to no end, how when guys screw with anything that moves, they're 'cool'. And when girls are just the slightest bit too loose, they're 'sluts' and no one likes them. It's agrivating. And I'm not saying that girls should be praised for sleeping around. I'm saying that boys should be punished for it.

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