Miss Make Believes origin

A candle lays upon my bed, as maggots feast upon my eye. The fire is quite beutiful ecspecialy on my pale skin, rats travel up my arms as there teeth dig with in the remaining flesh that I still own. I can not move for which i am paralized, and tied up with old rusty chains. Reality is so horrid, so real, so sad. Blood melts down my arms, as bones start to ache! Shadows part my way, they call fourth. Shall i go? Of course! but thy limbs are bound, as my feet vanished within the fire! My hair that flew in the wind has burned, my neck showing pink ribbon scars. I fall straight to the floor as an eyeball rolls out of my head, why havent i died? The shadows move closer as my good eye closes, with a smile upon my ruined face, I hear foot steps and a banshee scream, I start laughing, laughing at all my pain! I have become mad! Perfact! I shall die laughing!

I was kidnapped that night, forgotton no one knew that i have died, nor did my parents. Neither did I until I was stitched back together and a crazy old man by the name of Dr. Eet told me, and that is how I became Miss Make Believe!

(Miss Make Believe Is I, My character!!!)