Omg...I cant believe this happened...We talked for a while and then we got a bit off subject and we started making out and we...Had....Sex....Omg he has amazing but I told him we were still friends just friends...And guess what I'm preggers! JK (about the preggers thing. But I really had sex with him) Now my friends wont speak to me except him of course. His girlfriend absouloutley despises me and called me a biotch right in front of meh! It was complete ridicule. Then he kissed me..Then I walked away. I tripped and fell and I had to go to the hospital broke my arm for the like the 5th time. Now hes "studying" With me everyday. SO I guess things are OK not much though. He is overreacting with the whole I broke my arm thing he restricts me for every thing. I hate it as much as a Love it. Well bye for now smile

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