these are either my newest ocs or the ones I currently want art of


the rebirthing phoenix


is a phoenix with the ability to taken on a human form.

Personality/Story; Suou is very polite, gentle, and humble. Once he
is reborn, he has no idea of what his past is or how old he is - he only gets his
memories back gradually over a period of 5 years. Once his memory has fully
recovered, he is able to transform into this human form. During his recent rebirth
while he was still young, he was found and sold to a noble family in England. He
was given to Eleanor (aka Ellie) as a pet. Ellie had a very complicated family life,
so Suou was her only friend. Eventually while watching her grow, he gains his
memories back allowing him to transform into a secret playmate for Ellie.
(additional information will be provided once the story is completed;
current story is a collab between me and *TwistedDisaster on dA)
Please keep in mind that the story is set in Victorian England
& in Japan (during the same time period).

Chara Musts/Options; his hair is ALWAYS firey colors, and his eyes are bright blue,
and he always wears his eyepatch over his left eye, & he does have an earring in
his left ear, but it is optional. You may give him 3 plume tail feathers if
you wish, create an outfit for him (keep it victorian or oriental), colors on current
outfit or any made may be chosen at your own discretion, & you may also
draw him in bird form if you wish~

the deer forest spirit with a human face


is deer forest spirit with two forms:
one human, and one interesting-looking deer spirit form.

Human Form is very laid-back and hobo-esque. The outfit is
completely optional and I encourage designing her different outfits to wear.
Her hair is kept in loosely knotted pig-tails only held together by the flowers
on her head. She's very in touch with nature in this form and only changes into
it to either protect her identity, or to address other beings that would be scared
of her true spirit form. (see notes on original ref for accurate depiction)

Spirit Form is completely cream colored with light brown spots.
Her ears are visible as well as a human face. She has very spindly legs that are
used for mere floating rather than actual walking or galloping. Her spirit bracelet
with a life pearl glows bright turquoise (in both forms) and is always on her leg in
this form. She also tends to keep her eyes closed in this form.

Character Musts; both forms have her blunt baby horns,
the flowers draped across her head, her turquoise glowing spirit bracelet with a
life pearl in it, and the spiked nautilus mark; her human form has freckles (as her
spots), her bracelet is worn on her left hand, and her nautilus mark is on her left
thigh; in her spirit form, the bracelet is worn on the left foreleg and the nautilus
mark is on the left back leg, and instead of freckles, she has spots along her
back from neck to tail.

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Marrow Martel;
the lost prince unicorn


is a unicorn belonging to the noble family of France;
he was next in line to be king of France

Personality; dual personality type only divided by business
and leisure; normally, he's very shy, easily scared, polite, chivalrous, quiet, has a
quick temper, and OCD; his business persona takes on a more boss-like attitude
where he gets things done by being charming, manipulative, "helpful" (usually only
to himself), and entertaining.

Abilities; psychic intuition, hypnotism, ability to change
into a unicorn form, & night vision (it's a unicorn thing).

Character Musts; his eyes are silver (no pupils - unicorn's
are too noble for souls B] ), wears a small silver crown with a fleur de lis, a silver
ring with a fleur de lis etched on it on the index finger of his right hand, wears a
bracelet of purple round stones on his left wrist, wears a single white opal (birthstone;
Birthday is October 19th) necklace on a thick black string, always wears his
hair in a loose braid which he always brings to the front; His hair is white with
a lavender tint, horn is white with no grooves, tail is always visible, has small,
round eyebrows, & has a light complexion (very fair skin).
(see all information on ref for complete details)

the zweilous twins ((pokemon gijinka))


is highly curious, adventurous,
spontaneous, and always willing to be dominate
(in terms of making decisions anyways).

Zaena is very curious, shy, hesitant,
and usually just goes with the flow of whatever
her brother decides.

Pokemon Details;
.□ Zweilous #634
x□ Nature: Curious
□ Level: 53xxxx
□ Moveset: x.xx
xxxxxxxxxDouble Team,
xxxxxxxxxDragon Breath,
xxxxxxxDragon Tail,
xxxxxxxDragon Rush

Character Musts; They each have one "wing"
like in their pokemon counterpart. Their hair covers
their eyes, so no one knows what their eyes look
like. (see original ref for more details)

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the rare beauty in the sky ((pokemon gijinka))


Andromeda is very sure of herself, a natural
leader, a born mediator, her presence demands
attention, and very opinionated.

Pokemon Details;
....□ Rayquaza #384
.□ Nature: Brave
□ Level: 78xxx
□ Moveset: x.x
xxxxxxxxxDraco Meteor,
xxxxxIron Tail,

Character Musts; Her hair is always up as seen
in the ref. Rarely does she let it flow. She always has
her hair fins in. Do not remove them. The back of
the outfit is up to the artist's tastes. Have fun!

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the hunny bunny


is a pin-up bunny girl
(and that is all for now)

Personality; she's very sly, clever, a bit cocky at times,
a brat, and a little over the top when she's in competitive mode.

Character Musts; she has a little signature beauty mark
on her left cheek and her dress sleeves are broken up; HOWEVER, feel
free to give her a new hairdo or dress/outfit design (but keep the sleeves)!!

the wandering spiritualistic alchemist


Kyran travels a lot because he doesn't really have a home,
thus the life of a wanderer. He was raised in a small orphanage and brought up by
a group of nuns. He was very spiritual as a child, always able to see things others
could not. When he reached age 15, he decided to leave and go off and live his
own life in the world. As a result of his travels, he decided to pick up alchemy
and falconry and help others he met in any way he could.

Personality; He is very modest, humble, caring, kind,
and has an open mind on almost everything. He can get a
little impatient, but that's pretty much his only flaw.

Abilities; He is able to speak to spirits, use alchemy, use his
falconry skills to send messages across distances, and able to summon
up powers to help aid him in defeating any evil spirits or demons.

Character Musts; He has a small braid on the right side
near his right cheek, he has a long pony tail in the back, his hair is
red, he has green eyes, his talisman, which has a small bird
skull on it, and his outfit is white/gray/black.

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these are some older ocs that I still want art of


the crow-man


is a d**k (LOL) & he's got the
ability to change into a crow.

Personality; He tends to be real quiet and only usually responds
to regular people with a series of grunts, however if you're another type of native
like him, he'll actually come out of his shell and bother with ya. He's German, a
smoker, plays bass guitar, rides a motorcycle, and you better not piss him off,
because when he gets angry, he's likely to throw s**t at you.

Story; His is based off some native american folk beliefs.
Basically at the beginning of time before humans were created, the animals were
first - now these first animals were born all over the place and had the special
ability where they're able to live outside of time (they don't age, and they can
change into a human form, or their animal form, they're also really strong and
very smart). There's about a cluster of animals that were the natives, and basically
all the regular animals now that have been "dumbed down" through the reproductive
lines are just "cousins". Klaus is one of these natives. He's a crow. He prefers
other bird natives, but might just stick his neck out for one that isn't a bird. He's
got a country-germanish accent, and his skin color is pretty off so most regular
people don't think he's really German, but he's so mysterious that people really
do just wanna cozy on up to him, but he doesn't like letting people get too close.

Character Musts; His hair is purple and it's a mini mohawk
and he likes it that way. He's got 2 eyebrow piercings on his left eyebrow, and he
wears plugs. His eyes are silver with bright turquoise pupils. His skin is
mocha-colored. As for his outfit - you can do whatever, but he's very
punk. As for his tattoos, they are optional and they don't have
to be visible.

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the playful, danger-prone fox-boy in the mental ward


is an adorable, playful fox-boy, and his only downfalls are
that he's incredibly danger-prone to the point where he has bandages
everywhere, annnd that he lives in a mental institution.

Personality; He's extremely playful (it's all he really wants to do),
he gets attached to people easily, he's very friendly (although shy at first
and he doesn't really speak at all - he's mute), he loves sweets and
blushes & gets embarrassed easily.

Story; He was found when he was about 3 years old, and
they found out that he was mute and couldn't speak, so it was decided that he
would stay at the mental institution where he was found until he was able to live
and speak on his own. He's now 11 years old and still unable to speak on his
own. He can make sounds, motions, and facial expressions to get across what
he wants, but otherwise he tends to remain silent. The theory from the doctors is
that he experienced something traumatic in his young life before he appeared at
the white building (mental institution). He's very danger-prone because somehow
even in the most innocent of actions, he manages to somehow hurt himself, as a
result of this serious nature, whenever he goes to be, he needs to be strapped in
to make sure he doesn't seriously injure himself in his sleep. Also, when he was
younger he used to have tan skin, but due to prolonged indoor-only activities for
the rest of his life and bright lighting, his skin changed to become very fair.

Character Musts; He has white ears and a white, fluffy tail.
He has black bangs with his white hair. He has bright magenta-colored
eyes. He is very girly in his appearance. He always has 2 "X" hair pins on
each side of his hair. Also, he has VERY LONG lashes (most people didn't
get that memo ; A;" ).

add. refs; younger & old outfit;; older & new outfit**
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these demon siblings are two very different characters


is stictly militarian - he loves to boss people around,
has a sister-complex, and loves to be dominate (be it people, things, or places lol)

Syn has a dual personality - one is a bit of a demanding
slut and dresses rather raunchy and unlady-like and tends be blunt and high
maintence; the other is shy, hides behind her brother a lot, very polite and
lady-like and dresses modestly.

Character Musts; they both have a tattoo over their
left eye, have slit eyes, & their horns and tails; Geno specifically has silver
hair that fades to blue; his horns and tail are dark blue and his eyes are yellow;
Syn specifically has blonde hair with a pink tint, an eyepatch over her right eye,
and dark evergreen horns and tail.

add. refs; Geno Album & Syn Album

Bytes & Edge;
"the world ends with you" tag-team


died in a freak elevator accident, which is why she was transported into "the game".
Her abilities/talents include being super pro at fixing/ making/ creating small
electronics, beating the crap out of video games (hand-held nintendos &
tamagotchis are her only loves), and being good at fighting (even though
her methods are bit unconventional). Her special attack is striking an
opponent with an oversized DS stylus.

Edge died by being struck by lightning, which is why he was transported into "the game".
His abilities/talents include being good at fighting (trained properly) and being
awesome at guitar. His special attack is creating sonic waves to
hit enemies using his guitar.

Personalities; Bytes - sarcastic, witty, funny, anti-social,
stubborn, and very competitive when it comes to video games.
Edge - sarcastic, very social, loud, obnoxious, cocky, but
can also be overly concerned.

Character Musts; Bytes has blue hair and red eyes,
1 snake bite on the right side of her bottom lip, a nose stud on her left side of
her nose, and her owl purse. Edge has red hair and blue eyes, small gauges
in his ears, a black eyepatch over his right eye, a black bandana with a white
wing on it, a yellow scarf, and thick black bracelets on his left wrist. They
both sport the RASF on their outfit and their outfits are non-negotiable.