Army Log, Ranks

All army's need organization, and army is no exception. That means that for an army to be effective, it needs a command structure. As such, as the Commander and Chief, Queen, and Goddess of this army, I will now lay out the groundwork for this army.
Rules are simple. I will set the first three levels of rank. Anyone of officer rank can assign rank up to one rank lower then there self, as long as that person is on there friends list. Anyone assigned rank not on my friends list will need to add me to there friends list. You gain new rank through merit. You can also lose rank, though I don't think that will happen often. I can also assign any rank I want to anyone I want at anytime I want for any reason I want. You get the picture.
Now on to ranks:

Overlord Marshal and the person directly under me (lucky, isn't he): Soul_Sinner

Lady Marshal of the Northern Sphere: Daughter_of_night

Her For Star Generals (there are four of them, go figure):
1. Ariana Cheryll Patrish
2. ouikanka
3. kingmorrow
4. The Amazing Angelgirl

Lady Marshal of the Southern Sphere: DominantRei (my bff)

Her For Star Generals:
1. ulises00
2. Latanya_Ala
3. Gabriels guardian Angel
4. winry heart

Lady Marshal of the Eastern Sphere: Kitten723

Her For Star Generals:
1. MrsNika-chan
2. True Method
3. ganaman32
4. falcons halo 88

Lady Marshal of the Western Sphere: hot natalie01

Her For Star Generals:
1. ElisabetaVEross
2. xXBrutal_kidXx
3. Xx-Hottsagat-xX
4. light-kira__god of death

Anyone here that is not one there superiors friends list needs to add them to there friends list. Also, I will be creating a personal guard of twenty-one guards. anyone can join it. Apply at my profile are in response to this journal entry.
Thank you for your time.