By the good Earth beneath your feet, which supports and sustains you, so be blessed.

By the water which created you, and holds your life within, be you so blessed.

By the very air you breathe, which pulses within and without, be you so blessed.

By the fire without which warms the flesh, and fire within that drives the soul, be you blessed.

By life and by love, by fortune and by fate, by faith and by time, be you so blessed.

All these things which bless and hold thee, blessings beyond measure. Let then pile at your feet, and breathe in their power. Be aware of what is, and what you are. Be strong in your heart and steadfast in your will.

Give courage to fear, give action to doubt, give joy to sadness, and give a smile to all who would detract from you.

You are a greater life than even you know, a piece of infinity, walking in the skin of a man. Be great, and strong, courageous and true. This is who you are.

Blessed be, son of man.