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twisted Journal Entry 4:

The battle begins as everyone in the hq went to there stations the ground started to rumble.Amy asked me what was that I said I dont know but it's big really big.We look up ahead where the demons were coming from we noticed trees started to fall to the ground.And In a moment a giant demon half horse with bat wings amerged out and with it's rath it came looking for me.I jumped down from the tower and with one angry and full of rage roar I yelled BRING IT ON.My heart once again was taken over by the darkness and shadows of power in my body.I became my demon form but this wasn't the demon form I always turn to no I looked like Itchigo's final hollow form.So fast I destory a group of 200 demons with 1 move.my next target was the giant beast sent by satan himself.The beast charged toward me with anger.It used it's giant sword to cut my arm off it worked but what the beast did't know was the when I get cut I want have the ability to controll my demonitc powers.I teleported to it's face and with 1 slash of my nightmare soulcailber sword I cut it's throat right open blood gussed everywhere but it wasn't dead just yet.I had to do more damage to it before I got to use my next move it used some type of dark energy blast and shot me right out of the air.I was badly hurt from the impact by it I went though 5 boulders and as I hit the ground I tore though the surface.As I was getting up blood was shoting out of my mouth and as I tryed to get up to my feet I felt my stomach ached as if I was ripped in half I look to see what was goin on there and I had a deep hole in my stomach and blood kept leeking out like water.The beast grabbed me by my right leg and squeezed and broke my leg. I yelled in pain , I was getting dizzy cause of all the blood lose.But for some reason I started to laugh the beast asked "WHATS SO DAMN FUNNY WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO DIE,"I said in the weakest of my voice"No thats when your wrong your wrong ha no no no your the 1 who's dieing today."I used my powers to bring my blade to me and within a moment the giant beast had a gapying hole in his chest I said "payback is a b***h aint she." The horns on my had started to absorb all the negative energy and my a blast.The little negative energy ball swirling in front of my horns grow the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM the blast destoried the beast.I fail to my knee's and look up at the moon and smiled.What's next what can you possibly throw at me to kill me ha I want die in shame I shall die in vingice do you her me FAAAAAAAAAAATHER.........To Be Continued.

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