I had lunch. PB&J with a clementine. Nothing special. I finished my book called, Hurt Go Happy. I love it, very touching to the heart. It's about Joey who is 70 percent deaf yet her mom refuses her to learn sign language. So when she meets this old man and chimpanzee called Suraki; she secretly learns sign behind her mother's back. A lot of family drama and Joey's mission to help Suraki, the chimpanzee. Recommended.

I'm still in my darn pajamas since I'm a lazy butt. I'm serious, I'm going to get a reward for this. Peanut-butter makes your hands sticky annoyingly. Thank goodness for my laptop or else I'd have to everything in the computer room with my mother beside me doing stuff on the other computer. Embarrassing.

Nobody reads journals for crumpled sakes. I mean, is there a point to this s**t? Probably yeah. They are extremely useful when given a purpose. I guess I'm using this internet journal to rant. Well, anyway, my life sucks. Not really but it really kind-of sucks. My parents don't have a job and we're running out of food and money. We had 20 bucks in our hands and that was it. Literally. But my mom sold her jewelry so we're still on track. I have no clue what situation we're in but I know it's not good. I'm so scared that my family is going to move. Into a car.. Okay, well I'm finished with this entry. Bye.