For this journal entry I am taking real life s**t and applying this to Gaia so that we have a clear model on how to protect ourselves from inflation. IRL before money printing was possible, the US dollar was backed by GOLD (kinda like platinum). This prevented inflation because there was a FINITE asset tied to the dollar to prevent money being "created" and added to the system whenever the government (Admins) wanted.

Now lets get to the meat of how as Gaians WE CAN protect the devaluing of our platinum independent of the people who are running this s**t show. This is a simple concept that I thought off as I was thinking about how bitcoin is a finite resource that can protect my USD from Donald Trump's trillions of dollars that he is adding into our system currently to aid families during the pandemic. I suddenly had a realization that on Gaia, I could protect my platinum similarly by hoarding items and not keeping large amounts of platinum unspent at once.

This being said, we should all be hoarding items to protect our platinum because if another inflation event occurs you will have something to keep you afloat. Now what items should we be hoarding, because this is also very important. The value of certain items will not be affected by inflation, for example RIG items from LK or any rig that you can buy from the stores/make from recipes as long as the RIG can be made sustainably and reasonably priced. So do not invest in these items, invest in items that have a slim chance of becoming alchemy items, in a rig or in LK.

If anyone has any questions about my HYPOTHESIS feel free to PM me. If anyone would like to have a civil debate on the matter or add to my hypothesis also feel free to PM. I would love to here what you all think who have taken the time to read this.~