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T3h journalness of sp00tness of sp00ty sp00tness of sp00t heads......
Whooosh!! Poems! o.O
I'm gunna put any poems I write in this entry and stuff.... Because I thought of one early this morning and was like "hey, I stopped writing poetry lately!"

Title: Goodnight
Written: Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fall into slumber
As you hear that sweet thunder
Clouding your mind
And you thought I wouldn't find
What you left behind
And so you creep
Around as I weep
Wondering how
Why here, why now?
Maybe someday
I think that I may
Give up this fight
And finally say

Title: Run
Written: May 19, 2005

Running fast
Running slow
Run your course right through the snow
Can't catch your breath
Don't dare to try
Run under the moon, the stars, the skey
Running left
Running right
Running strong with all your might
The shoes you passed
The shoes you found
The shoes that brought you all around
Run through night
Run through day
Running through the pounding rain
Miss no one
Catch no eye
Running soundless through your lies.

Title: Low
Written: May 20, 2005

I kill my deep yesterday
Bleeding full with my decay
Kiss me long
Kiss me hard
Don't you DARE walk out that door
I ran, I cried
I lived through your lies
I really did try
After you left me to die.

Through the night
I thought of our love
Why couldn't it last?
Why didn't it go on?
And as my eyes
Looked into the night sky
I thought of NO reason
For me to cry
Why I loved you, I do not know
I looked past my reflection
Seeming so low.

Title: Lose
Written: Thursday, December 8, 2005

Seasons come
Seasons go
All my friends
Have left me alone
Nothing seems real
No more than a game
Fall to my knees
Cringing in pain
Kill me now
You can't resist
Blood starts to flow
From my hands and my wrists
Is this a dream?
Or is this all true?
Either way
I'm afraid I will lose.

Title: Don't leave me, Please
Dedicated to Blake.
Written: Thursday, January 26, 2006

Forgive me my love
Forget him thy death
Don't leave me now
Was within his last breath

My tears ran down
And he looked up with ease
Don't leave me now
Do leave me please

Feelings contidict
"Promise me..." I hear
Don't leave me now
I love you my dear

This scar will not heal
The decieving end
Don't leave me now
I screamed in my head.

Title: I Am
Written: September 9, 2005

One thing I love
Two things I hate
Maybe I can't figure out what to make
Myself as a jewel
Or maybe a rock
Keep it inside with unbreakable locks

The person I love
I can also hate
All is messed up
And it's way too late
The time went quick
And sped fast through
I am who I am
And that's nothing to you.

Title: Tears of a Rose
Written: I have no idea... But I sent it in to this thing and it got published. x.x

The cold, black rose
Drops a single red tear
The chilled winter air
Drawing so near
The petals rip off
Drifting fast down
They fall in their tears
And slowly they drown.

Kashiko Takashi
Community Member
Kashiko Takashi
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