I'm sorry for everything i Do.
I never ment to hurt you.
I don't really know what i did to make you feel that way.
But i have to say,
Sam, There's No one else like you.
i made this poem just for you.
Because i Really do care About my Best friend.
I will Love you to the End.
I don't know why your mad,
or at the time why you were sad.
I just don't get life anymore,
there's so many things people ignore.
Like the little things that people do every day,
In this Warm month of May.
I Have so many things that I have looked forward too,
But you or me might never get to do.
Once again I never Ever ment to hurt my best friend.

Hopefully this means something to you.
Because i guess i really don't know what to do.
I'm Down and Low,
I have no Where to go.
I'm guess im trying to apologize to you.
Yet again, i'm sorry for what i do.

[This was a poem as an apology.]