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Poems and Short stories My journal entrys will be short stories and poems I've made up

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The Brass Key
[[Ehh.. this is unfinished, but oh well..]]

Cold, violet hues glared softly into my defiant yet terrified emerald hues, and despite myself I glanced down, avoiding his gaze as he kept my arms pinned above me.
'Do you accept the contract?'
My answer was barely audible, but his long, pointed ears twitched and he smirked to reveal fangs that were small-mentally I called them baby fangs.
Those small 'baby fangs' of his now looked deadly as they grew longer, and he moved closer, our lips centimeters away.
Only, just when I closed my eyes and expected a kiss, he moved lower and closer, pressing his slightly scrawny yet muscular form against me, and dipped his head.
His hands brushed down my shirt buttons-they opened to his touch like blossoming flowers, and revealed my chest. Well, not my breasts, but I knew he was staring at them. I held my air so they would'nt jiggle to his satisfaction...
His breath was hot against my cold skin to cause goosebumps, and I shivered with pleasure- pleasure that I would never tell him, and sent me to thinking of my boyfriend, Chris. I hated and loved him...
His lips brushed gently against the bruise Chris gave me-it was exactly over my heart-coincidence? I think not. Fate is just akward like that.
Maybe the fact that there already was a bruise there was what made it hurt more then expected when his fangs grew longer yet again and he bit down, his hands leaving my arms and grabby my shoulders, then my waist in a tight grip to keep me there.
Though I suceeded in stifling my scream, his ears picked up the sounds of my fast beating heart. Screw him for chuckling.
I stole a glance down when he withdrew, a coat of crimson on his lips-only there was no blood on my chest, just two huge holes, and blinked as a black thing slipped from his lips. It was triple forked, and when it touched those marks it fricken burned my skin-hell I expected steam to rise when he pressed one of those forked pieces into one hole, and the other on the other end digging into the other while the middle circled around almost teasingly, adding an odd sensation. This was his disgusting tounge, and though I was sickened and slightly in pain I could do nothing as he did this except watch and wince as the holes widened.
A symbol began to appear, covering the holes-a skeletal dragon curled around a heart, which was oddly enough, covering my heart.
The same mark appeared on his chest, only mine was black and his was a bright silver, glistening against his tanned flesh like a sin.

He now withdrew, licking his lips yet again, like a child licking up hte last traces of icecream from a spoon.
"Whenever you call me on this," Here he held up what looked like a key on a chain, the handle of it shaped like a heart, yet it had two holes, like a whistle,"I'll come and answer your wish for a piece of your soul. Don't just pull me out for no reason, or I might just take a piece out of spite, Mistress."
That word was hung heavily around my head, and I gave a weary smile-my head was hurting, the pressure of the word digging into my brain and shattering my thoughts......
I didn't even realize I was falling backwards until he caught me in those strong arms, staring down at me curiously until I gave a small frown.
"....Take me home..."
"As you wish, Mistress..."

I felt a piece of me vanish as I lost conciousness.

Ah, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Let me start over. Hi, I'm Sabrina. A typical name for a girl with mystic powers coursing through family blood.My family consists of witches and warlocks derived from elves, yada yada...

So you wondering what the heck happened, aren't you?
Well this is my story, but I guess I can rewind just a tad bit....But just this once, mmkay?

[[more to come later]]

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