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The Tale of a Vampire and A demon
This is the book im writing in chapters...
Chapter One
The Tale of a Vampire and a Demon

Chapter one

Our story begins in the forest of Acimos, where the young Eileen, has been trapped by bounty hunters. Her leg, arm, and lower right side are wounded she has chosen to hide in the large hollow of a near by willow tree. The three bounty hunters approach, the one carries a katana, the other a pair of chain whips in his hands, and the last has a fully automatic assault rifle in his hand. They close on her, her heart races faster and faster as they get closer and closer, and then a she hears a scream followed by a few shots from an assault rifle and then another scream and blood sprays past her and a body holding an assault rifle falls in front of the hollow, the bounty hunter carrying the katana runs past her, and then a dark figure leaps past, all that is hears is a scream. There are a few moments of silence, her heart is still racing, and then a man falls down from the tree above them in front of the hollow he says in a calm voice.
“Are you in need of assistance?”
Her face took a worried look as she said
“Who, no what are you?”
He smiled and said
“I am Dante Versok, Prince to the throne of Sodan, high commander of the Sodan armies, and high advisor to queen Aura, my sister.” Dante bows as he says “At your service.”
Eileen looked awkwardly at him as he leaned back up and offered her his hand, and then passed out. Dante reached into the tree and picked and pulled her out, he then set her down, and pulled out a bag. Dante takes a few bandages and some strange bottles with some funny looking liquid in them out. He opens one of then bottles that alcohol on it and pours it into the wound on her leg, Eileen squirmed a little in her sleep, and Dante wipes off the alcohol on her skin with a rag he pulled out of the bag. Dante then bandaged, Eileen’s leg wound with one of the bandages he got out, he repeats the process on her arm. He touches the ground next to her and realizes there is blood everywhere! He exams he a little more closely and notices the wound on her side, he pulls up her blouse to just below her breasts, he then reaches into the bag again and pulls out a needle obviously for stitching up big wounds, and some thread. He sets them down, and grabs the alcohol. He pours the alcohol on her wound and she shrieks a shriek so loud it runs shivers down my spine to this day. Dante holds her down, until she relaxes back to her unconscious state. Knowing someone would have surly heard that he hurries with the stitching, and the bandaging. When he finishes he packs up his things, then he picks Eileen up, and leaps off into the forest.

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