I do. She introduced me to inkpop.com today, out of the blue. And it's amazing. Completely, utterly, irrevocably amazing. I'm going to be shitting glitter, I'm so happy.

It's a website set up by HarperCollins for people to submit their stories for an online community. Each month, the top ten get read by HP editors. Which will probably prove impossible for me, and I'm still suspicious of all the copyright stuffs, so I just posted the Lily Dawson story for the fun of it, after rewriting it for three hours.

Haha, one girl named her novel In the Middle of Nowhere and Not Even Romantically Involved with a Glittery Vampire. These people are priceless!


This makes up for the fact that dad drove around like crazy on Hogart, forgot to tell me, and I ran out of gas on the way home. Had to drag Hogart up two hills, about a mile or so. No one ******** assholes...