Stuck in a haunted school house, Nageki tries to escape from classic Japanese ghosts that stalk her every move. Desperate to find a way out, she strikes deal with a demon. With this contract, she is able to see what it truly after her and what is only illusions. Haunted by Kuchisake-onna ("Slit-Mouth Woman" wink , Hanako, Akagami-Aogami (Red Paper, Blue Paper), Babasare, Utsushimi, Mary, Yuki-Onna, Akane, and Shinobu Matsuda / Yamime...Will she make it out alive? And what exactly is her end of the bargain with that demon?

Nageki is my avi...And...Um, I'm gonna be writing a story with her in it..For school.

OP: FLOW By Eiko Shamiya
Ending: N/A