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X Swords
Community Member
I am the ghost of the crowd, I only want to been seen when I want to be seen.

What people laugh at I almost never find funny.

Everyone are equals, treat all the same, males, females, and all races should be treated fairly.

Why do girls stay with their boyfriends that are rude and abusive? Move on I say and find someone that respects and loves you for who you are.

Your boyfriend or girlfrind should be treated more respecetfully then anyone else.

Why start fights? It only leads to trouble and injuries.

Why disrespect others? You know its wrong so why do it?

Why do others laugh at others misfortune? I've seen people laugh at funerals about the people that have passed, and thats just wrong.

Why get mad at the smallest of things? It's no big deal, just let it go.

Those who say "it won't happen to me" are lying, it CAN happen to you, and saying "it won't happen to me" will not change the odds of it happening.

The world will never run around you.

You can never be perfect, but you can always do your best.

Trying to pick fights with others or insulting people does not make them a better or mature person, they are nothing but idiotic and immature people and the people that support them are just as stupid and immature.

Life is limited but memories are forever.

Just because everyone else is doing it dosen't mean you should.

Dreams are never reality but you can make them a reality if you work hard at it.

Your fantasy and reality are never the same and never will.

We will never stop wanting more, but we shold know when to stop.

Know your limitations before you test them.

People may wish, but, it will not always come true.

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