It was the funniest thing I had ever heard in my damn life... My male manager, who is not gay in the slightest, said fantabulous! We were standing there talking about how special our boss is when we started talking about our store manager's idea, Mr. T totally looked me in the eye, with a ******** straight face, and said fantabulous!

I just stood there dumbfounded for a second...

Me: "Did you just say fantabulous?"

Mr. T: "Yeah... Why?"

Me: "That was the greatest ******** thing you've ever said! How can you say that, the way you did..." *makes gay hand gesture* "And keep a straight damn face?"

Mr. T: "Uh..." *shrugs and walks away*

Jen: "That was awesome..." *gawks as he walks away*

Me: "No s**t? That was ********, you know that won't happen again right?"

Jen: "I agree, he doesn't talk much..."

Me: "Agreed"

*both shake their heads*


I swear that has got to be one of my favorites that has happened within the time I've spent with my coworkers, we do stupid, special, moronic s**t all the damn time!!! xd I LOVE MY ******** JOB!!! whee rofl blaugh