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Death is your only escape...
A collection of poems and dark thoughts and songs...and every now and then a happy moment
Name: Radk (Balance) Kierrn.
Nickname: Paradox
Position: Gate keeper
Gender: Depends on its mood

Appearance: "He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever, He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And...he's wonderful."
Height: About 6'4"
Shirt: He tries to keep up with the latest fashion, a trait he picked up from his mother. Regardless of what his shirt is, the color is always the purest white that he can find.
Jeans: His jeans are (90% of the time) low-rise; boot-cut jeans either of the darkest black color, or the purest white. No holes, or frays in the jeans, he keeps them as perfect as physically possible.
Shoes: Black boots. No exceptions. He alternates between black cowboy boots, and black steel-toed boots. The style is reminiscent of a man he once met, a strange entity known as Vicious.
Physical Appearance:
Eyes: His eyes are the whitest of hues, no other color can exist. The color is purer then fresh-fallen snow, and his stare can burn hotter than the heart of a star. His eyes are a reflection of his soul, they cannot darken and he cannot be corrupted.
Hair: His hair is typically cut in such a way that it leaves his face clear. It is long enough in the back, however, to be put into a modest pony-tail, however he normally wears it down. It hangs about shoulder length at it longest.
Description: He is of modest stature, his build hints at muscles but the cat-like way that he moves hides any true description. His skin tone is somewhat pale, as if he spent the earliest portion of his life out of the sun, although he simply does not tan. Around his neck he wears a single, pure white feather on the purest of silver chains, a gift from his father. The feather holds a secret, one he will not share until on his death bed.
Extra Accessories: On his right wrist he wears a bracelet that, upon close inspection, resembles that of bird talons. The bracelet is a gift from his mother.

Parentage: Mother-Sharkon Kierrn
Father- Sharkon Kierrn.

Due to an overlap of two planes of being, a Sharkon (female) was able to meet her male counterpart. Being of the exact same nature, they were drawn together to have a child, one who retained all of Sharkon (females) light abilities, while gaining all of Sharkon(male)'s combat prowess. The result was Radk, a being that does not exist in any universe, due to the nature of his forming. He can change freely between genders, gaining advantages and disadvantages based on the gender he is currently in. The differences to his physiology allow him different stats and powers.

Gender differences (Stats)
Speed- 7/10
Strenght- 9/10
Intelligence- 8/10
Endurance- 10/10
Weapon Expertise- 6/10
Dexterity- 5/10

Strength- 5/10
Weapon expertise- 10/10
Dexterity- 10/10

Both genders have astounding speed, although his female form easily surpasses the speed of light. To make up for a lack of speed, his male form has a much higher potential in strenght, allowing him to take hits and dish them out for much longer. His intelligence does not change, due to the fact that he is the same person, and not a different personality. His male form has much higher endurance, allowing him to withstand brutalizing attacks that would cause his female form to crumble. To make up for lack of strenght, his female form is a brilliant weapons master (a trait his male form does not share because it does not need martial prowess with it's blows, all attacks are powerful enough to kill in one strike if connected properly.). Her dexterity is also much higher, allowing her to avoid blows instead of attempting to endure them.

Gender differences (powers)
Enchain: Radk forms chains of light around his opponent, the chains are invisible to all except him. If the opponent comes into contact with any of the chains (those that are strong enough can banish the illusion that hides the chains from view), they immediately constrict and attempt to snare his opponent, holding them in place and helpless to his next attack. The chains, once wrapped around a person, manifest physically and can then be broken.

Transcend- Radk gains ethereal wings, the light from them burns brighter than any star known to man. The light that comes off of them shrouds her from view, protecting her briefly from physically assault. While in this stage, her blades vanish and she replaces them with claw-like weapons made of an unknown substance. Her speed is boosted multiple stages during this form, and she strikes at her opponent in an attack fast enough that it cannot be seen by the unaided eye (people with a background in psy energies can predict her movement, as she travels in a straight line). Maintaining this form for too long will drain her powers, leaving her vulnerable to attacks. This attack, even when predicted, will strike faster than barriers can be formed (be it of divine will, demonic power, or magic/talents.)

Personality: Due to his upbringing, Radk is almost a pacifist. His powers make it easier for him to heal instead of hurt, however, he is still a fighter. He is gentle, and tries to make those around him happy. He is more likely to forgive those who err against him than to seek vengeance, however, he will fight tooth and nail (literally) against any who seek to challenge or hurt his friends or family. He has no need of a job, as his parents were both wealthy and left him a large inheritance. Even though he is wealthy, however, he lives a modest life style.


Corruption by light: Radk will imbue the strongest element in the surrounding element with light, gaining complete control of the element and the ability to create and manipulate it so long as he remains in the area. This ability does not work on any artificially created elements, such as a spectral fire or conjured hailstorm.

Spark: Radk's body transcends mortal bounds, and he breaks free of any type of hindrance (being snared, blinded, or other adverse effects). He becomes a being of the purest light, gaining resistance to any devil, demon, or unholy beings (except for the King of hell, Royal demons, and Shadow Spectre's, respectively). This ability can last indefinitely, however, the stronger his opponent the more concentration needed to sustain it. During spark, Radk gains the use of the ability "Balance: All things" and "Revert: Final Spark"

Transformation: Radk takes on his base form, that of a pure white cougar. His muscles are obvious in this form, as he is larger than the largest of the earth cougar. He retains his intelligence, gains a decent amount of strength, and his speed is boosted by 1 to 2 stages (one if used from humanoid state, 2 if used from Spark.) While in this form, he is resistant to physical attacks that are unboosted by elements, but he cannot use any of his other abilities.

Balance: All Things- An advanced version of Corruption by light, Radk imbues every element in the surrounding element with light. For a brief moment in time (about 2 seconds), he channels his life force through the elements and reduces them all (except his own element of Light) to their weakest state. This state will remain for the duration of his time in Spark, if he leaves that state then the elements will gain back their original power, along with a resistance to being corrupted for a duration (not to last longer than 10 minutes).

Revert: Final Spark- After the use of Balance, Radk can force all of the energy that was negated to break down into a Light typed element. He absorbs the power into himself, concentrates it, and releases it as a shock-wave. The shock wave is the purest form of light that Radk can create, it will revert all unnatural elements and creatures back to a natural state (be it a creature or energy), all that it is unable to revert will be chained in spectral light and Radk will attempt to either banish them to the lower layers of hell (the ice layers) or eliminate their life forces completely if they are strong enough to resist the original pulse.

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