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No Idia nikki
Doo dee doo deedoooooo!
Well, I got a job. At the Wendy's in Herriman, Utah. I am a fry slave for the most part. No one will train me for anything else. Well, except taking money at the Pick-up-Window. Ooooohh, how thrilling. At least it's easy and I don't have fry-smoke taking over my lungs.

I'm in marching band. I'm in the pit, so I don't march. The pit-instructor is really cool, though. He got back from Japan recently, so he speaks Japanese pretty well. Haha, the first day I met him, he told us his name and gave us instructions in Japanese and I understood him for the most part! ^^ Nato-san! Nato-san! Watashi ga Nato-san suki desu! Haha. I'm dumb. ^^

That's really my life during the summer. School is almost over. I'm going to miss my classes. Considering I'm taking the next levels up next year, but I won't come home in the middle of the day. OH! I need to ask my senior friends here what their addresses are. I want to make/send them cards! ^^ I love you!

I have no boyfriend yet. Apparently(<-sp?), I'm married to Casey (<-actually a guy) but I died and we were married civily, so we aren't really married anymore. But I adopted two daughters, one is a senior, the other a sophomore. I have three younger siblings. Two are guys (and brothers in real life) and the other is a crazy girl I have to control a little bit. That's why I'm older.
Uhhh, there's a guy named Wes who's really strange and like to flirt with me (in those ways), so I flirt back a tiny bit, but it has yet to go anywhere other than awkward conversations. "Rachel, I haven;t seen you in like three hours! How did you ever survive not seweing me for so long?" "I don't know! I don't know!" (next day) "I don't know how I survived the night without you, Wes!" (with other people around.) Haha. ^^

I drew shmexy piccy of Matt H.! ^^ OK, it's not shmexy, but it looks good, but I only drew his body, so it's a headless pic, again. *sigh*

I suppose I'm done now. I have to get really for fry-slaveness. And take some Dayquill. I sound horrible. Yesterday I was hacking and sneezing during work. Bad idea around food. So, I was coughing and stuff all over the fries, so everyone is going to get a cold that came to Wendy's from 5 to 10. Actually no, I was trying to cough all over my shoulder, so now my shoulder is completely diseased. Dang. Now I'm going to die of my own cold! (It feels like a precursor to pnumonia, again. Dang. All the phlem is coming from down my lungs, very very bad. This has happened before. I got a cold in Utah, brought it to Cali and got pnumonia. It sucked. They told me to spit everywhere, so I spit all the time when I get colds now.)

I'm definitely going to shut up now.

I'm mostly here to make avatar art.
Hit me up. Platinum increments pls.
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Community Member

Sat May 26, 2007 @ 08:04pm

Hello, fiend.^^

Your life sounds complicated...and messy...
Japanese and Marching Band! Yay!^^ I hopes you feel better though.
*gives get-well cookie*

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heart Voxel u! =^w^= heart
Community Member

Sun May 27, 2007 @ 04:23am

Ah! Cookie! Thankies! ^^ I took some Day-quill, which helped a little, but it messed with my ADDmeds. So, I was twiggin' out this morning.

Heh, fiends.

User Comments: [2]
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