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CoolPickle's Epics ; ) Ramdom crap about me or parts of a story i am writing. I you don't want to read it, whatever.

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Well, I go to this place during the summer called academy. Its sort-of like a summer school, but you take fun classes instead of lame ones. Here is my schedule,
1-2 Printmaking
3 Web Design
4 Youth Voices
5 Internet Investigations
6 Destination Italy (Italian Torture)
7 Shakespeare's Comedies
After Hours- Cyber Cafe
The class I like the most is Printmaking because it is my only art class, and of course I love art. And of course theres the "teacher," Lynn. My buddie Sarah calls her Lynny. We are really layed back. Oh and if you completely hate what you have done with your print, Lynn will love it.
Web Design and Internet Investigations are mostly the same. They are in the same class room and have the same teacher, Mr. Chavez. He's cool. I call him monkey. All I do in those classes is sit in the back row of computers and go on gaia or draw.
Youth Voices is cool. In the class description it says that "The class is a time for kids to explore their artistic freedom in theater." It is more like a class where we do completely random things. So in other words this class is awesome.
Then theres Italian Torture. It is so evil! evil evil evil Because the teacher only speaks in Italian the whole class period. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! He can speak English. But, he refuses to speak English. He says we will learn faster if he teaches us in Italian.
And last but not least theres Shakespeare. In this class main thing we do is go insane, which is awesome. Last Friday we were reviewing the characters of Much Ado about Nothing and one of the people is named Beatrice. But someone said it wrong and said Beat Rice. You know like someone is beating rice. Funny right? Well we thought so and we had the giggles for the rest of the class.

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Fri Jun 29, 2007 @ 06:58pm

wow This sounds fun...Execpt for the Italian Torture class.

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