i looked at you and saw happyness , i looked at the world and saw saddness

i saw you spreading joy then i saw the world spreading hatred

and i loved you a lot more than u ever could no but on a fateful day i was dared to tell you that i dnt love you and i said fine .....but i wish i didnt

but when i told you i didnt love you i saw hatred and sorrow come form u u asked wat you had done wrong for me not to like you i said nothing

you ran away from me like you didnt even care... i was ashamed of my self i went home and cried for you that night i came back to school the next day not nowing WHAT had happened but we got news that you had killed yourr self over this

but the teacher handed me a note that you wrote that night and in side you put all that had happened you broke down after u couldnt sleep you already were having ruff time that day but it said that the worse thing that ould of ever happened was loosing me ......

as i read this note i was crying because i knew that i loved him but i was dared to tell him i didnt.......


mikayla brooke