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Lost Souls
This is my story that I am working on. Please note that all characters are on my copy write and If I find them any where else I just hope you know even if I cant do anything about it Karma will. If you do read please leave a comment
January 19th 1800

Hey, My name is Alexias Summers. I am a girl of seventeen years of age. I have fire red hair and Tri-colored storm blue eyes. I am a twin...the youngest if I may add. Enough about me. Let me tell you about my brother. My brother has soft grey eyes. The area close to pupil is dark grey and the area furthest away is light. He has jet black hair. My brother is older then me by three and a half minutes. He is also a loud boy and is always making friends with someone or other. My brother loves to tell everyone what is going on and things like that also. But I think at the moment I am holding him back. I dont mean to but ever since the accident Ive been scared I used to be a lively girl talkative but now... My brother and I have been unlucky enough to be brought to this camp because of a very unfourtunate accident. Tomorrow we start our first day here and we will also get to see the other people that reside here. I guess also the good thing is me and Kai are allowed to shar a cabin. The nigh is getting older so I must leave it here for tonight. Untill I write again....Goodbye

Alexias Summers

January 19th 1800

Hello, my name is Kailion Summers. Kai for short. Yes I am Alexias's twin brother. I have jet black hair and tri colored grey eyes. Yes I am the eldest of us by three and a half minutes. Enough about me. My sister is a quiet girl with fire red hair and tri colored storm blue eyes. The inner ring of her eye is really dark blue almost black. The outer ring is like a sky blue and the middle is like and ocean blue. My sister isnt a very sociable girl either. I am worried about Alexias. She is happy though all our troubles have been bad. The accident that brought us here is still haunting me. If only we had come back a few days earlier, maybe...just maybe mother and father would still be alive. The night they came to pick us up from the station was windy, the road leading there was covered with ice. The horse drawn carriage they came in was traditional...in other words it was black. Well the horse got scared and reared up then ran. Mother and Father were killed instantly when the carriage slammed into the station wall. I guess in a good way it was a good thing the carriage was black. Because the same carriage that came to pick us up...was also the carriage that took our parents to their grave. I am sorry...I must be talking to much about it. I mean its good to talk about it and to greive about it....its just Alexias hasnt done either. She has gone quiet and will not tell me what is wrong. This is the main reason why I am so worried about her. I just hope that she will get back to her normal self and soon. I am really sorry but I must go...the candle I am writing by is about to extinguish so until I write again. Good luck and Farewell

Kai Summers

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    Community Member

    Tue Dec 18, 2007 @ 01:05pm

    hmmm sounds pretty good so far.
    good luck on your story. 3nodding

    Community Member

    Sat Jan 12, 2008 @ 07:09pm

    cool cheese_whine

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