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Yaoi fanfics...

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Return from the Afterlife: Chapter 22
"Yamikins!" Atem was completely horrified hearing her voice. Yugi was with Jou because Atem had asked the blonde to keep Yugi busy until they met up at lunch. He was retrieving the gift he'd gotten for Yugi from his locker before they met up at the tree in the courtyard.

Turning to see the brunette that caused Yugi more grief than needed ever since his departure, he eyed the bag she had on her arm. "You look curious to see what's in here, right?"

"Not really." He shut his locker and was about to leave when she stepped in front of his path. "What is it? I'm going to be late meeting up with Yugi and Jounoichi."

"This is worth your wild. I promise!" She opened the bag and pulled out a piece of red fabric. His face relaxed after thinking of imagining that on Yugi's form. 'I shouldn't think of my hikari like that. He's a being of light and innocence and I imagine seeing him in that?'

"It's a piece of lingerie. I remember you checking me out in my..."

"Hold on, when have I ever checked you out?" He had to hold back a gag wanting to coming out of his throat.

"When you came on my job with Yugi," he heard some jealousy in her voice, "Anyway, there's something else in here too. Since I don't want to get you in trouble." To his horror, she pulled out a strawberry flavored condom. He couldn't help but laught and say, "Whore." He couldn't help but take the condom from her hand, "Thank you. This could come in handy. Let me set this straight," he pocketed the condom before saying, "I'm not," and walked away leaving the beet red Anzu in his tracks at being rejected. 'Yugi, that whore!'

"Why do I have to wear this now?"

"Atem doesn't want you to see him when he comes."

"Why?" Yugi has been completely supsicious of Jou's actions ever since their second class was out and they were let out for lunch.

"B-because...there he is right now!" Atem came to sit next to Yugi and questioned, "Why is Yugi blindfolded?"

"Well...." he scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "Just hurry up with what you plan on doin'." Yugi turned in Atem's direction and questioned, "What plan?"

Atem pulled out the rectangular velvet box and nodded to Jou behind him to remove the cloth over Yugi's eyes. When Yugi was able to see he gasped at seeing the silver necklace before him with an amethyst gem on each side of the word 'taken'. He couldn't help but smile at him. "Taken?"

"You are, aren't you?" He hooked it around Yugi's neck before saying, "It fits you perfectly." The two heard sobbing behind them. They turned to see Jou tearing behind them.

"What is it Jounoichi?" Yugi questioned.

"That's just real cute Yugs' but I'm really happy for ya! Now you can stop crying about the pharaoh not bein' here!" Yugi looked down at the grass below them trying to hide his blush. Atem couldn't resist and lifted Yugi's face to him so he could plant a soft kiss on his pale pink lips.

Jou wiped away his tears and said, "Alright you two, stop bein' cute!" He couldn't turn away from them when their lips met again. "Okay, I mean it!"

"Happy Valentine's Day my koibito." Yugi leaned against him and said, "I love you so much, and thank you."

Jou continued to look at them, "You guys need to find yourselves a room or somethin'! Please the cute fluffiness has to stop!"

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Tue Jan 01, 2008 @ 08:08pm


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Wed Jan 02, 2008 @ 01:21am

Other than the typos, this wasn't all that bad. It was very simply written but the plot was great! Good job^^

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