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Yaoi fanfics...

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heart Here we go again peoples! He just sent me another message on myspace telling me that he wants to wait until spring break to tell me how he feels about me. Just so you know, that's when we'll be going out to the movies.

Thankfully, he's the kind of guy that's understanding and cares for my well being so he felt sympathetic about when I had to express my love to him over the phone. (Get your mind out of the gutter people! We did not have phone sex! What's funny is that one of his friends in the background thought we were because when he laughs, he can't help but sound like he's having sex. HAWT!)

Right now, I'm waiting with baited breath (No, my breath doesn't smell like fish. I just ate pasta for dinner anyways.) until spring break comes along and we finally go out on our date. His second and my first. To tell you the truth, whenever I talk to him, what I always wish I could do is be in his warm muscular arms and make out with him.

Here's a physical descrition of him. He's not exactly what you consider tall. He's only three inches taller than me, I'm 5'5 he's 5'8. He's mixed with black and white which is always sexy and best of both worlds (XD)! As said before, he has the bedroom voice that's so....-sigh-. I just love that. And he's not like steroid muscular but he's not the kind of fat that people think he's muscular (i.e. my ex! LOL). Thankfully, he's not skinny! He's just the right size you know. The one thing I hate about what he looks like is that now he has DREADS! DUN DUN DUNN! I'm not a fan of dreads on anyone. Braids I adore but not DREADS! But he's an exception since he's...the first and probably the only guy I think I'm going to be in love with. Another con to him is that he smokes but again, he's an exception because...he's him and how I feel about him.

Damn it he knows how to sweet talk a girl! I sound like a love sick bunny or something! But anyways, wish me luck with him. I'm going to message him back right now! heart

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Thu Mar 13, 2008 @ 03:42am

anita, as much as i love you, i think your putting way too much into this relationship, at least too much too soon. you need to be careful with the "l" word. just take things as they come and slowly. and dont let him sweet talk you into any funny stuff!!

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