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The World of the Unknown
This is a place where i am going to write what i want, its as simple as that.
.......i feel like s**t right now....not for any reason or anything, i just do.....i dont think there is anyone or thing someone could say to make me feel better...so dont even try.... stare

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    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 01:17am

    If you just feel angry or depressed, or have unnormal high energry for no reason... you may want to get check for the bipolar disorder.
    Honestly though, my reasons are no better then nothing, or pure rage at myself. I only get angry at those around me when I have a bout of depression, or realize something that could cuas some stress...
    I honestly, have no reason to be angry or upset at anyone. I know, that they have reasons for what they do, and if I hated them as much as I would like to think, I wouldnt be talking to them...
    My reasons are minumal, and honestly Im just using them as excuses for myself, because I dont want to admit im just being stupid...
    Everyone has their reasons for being angry... Yours might just be soemthing you havent recognised yet, or it could be more simple, such as a disorder (thats what my mother thinks i have... )
    Again, im sorry your not feeling well... i do hope things get better for you..

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 01:47am

    Welll theres a reason to be depressed right there.
    I wont make you talk about it, but that might just be why you get depressed sometimes (also including random anger...)
    sweatdrop sorry that last comment was a bit long... and it didnt make to much sence to what i meant to say to tell the trueth... but you might want to just let off some steam. you could talk to someone about how your feeling... or do that angry letter thing theropists seem to like alot...
    It might help a bit, i dont know about the angry letter thing, but screaming into a pillow is a rather good way of calming down... sometimes o_0
    it makes some people laugh, and other people just run out of breath, and i guess the circulation to their brain dies or something, cuz they're just to loopy to be angry @.@ (... friends... errr, it was supposed to be funny... LAUGH DAMN YOU!)
    ..... have you lol'd yet?... no?... well you will... Ill make you laugh eventualy ninja I have ways... (how about now?)

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 02:01am

    damn i forgot about the asthma thing sweatdrop sorry...
    So you swore every two words? Thats gotta be a record. Seriously, even trying to cus that much, i dont think i could... congradulations!
    ... I had hoped to have you on the floor in tears with laughing by now, but im running out of jokes emo ... I suppose getting one good ha, out of you could work... for the next two seconds... LOL DAMN YOU! you know you want to! its addicting O_O lol <- see i did it! its like yawning, now you have to lol too O.<

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 02:17am

    GRAH! *takls* you'll have to laugh eventually!

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 02:24am

    Aaah! *runs in circles* what'do i do? what'do i do?!?! eeeeh!! Breath! Just breath, I wont make you laugh anymore T.T

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 27, 2008 @ 02:29am

    if i can get you to go haha, i can get you to lol! *chases with feather* one way or another youll laugh!! o.<
    btw: mind if i e-mail you rather then comment on the next responce? its easier to keep track of...

    Sammi XP
    Community Member

    Tue Jan 29, 2008 @ 03:28am

    ... K, if yu wanna chat, ^_^
    Lolz... errr... I dunno what to say... Uuuh, want me to e-mail you rather then comment? or... *blank* ... uh *drools*

    User Comments: [7]
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