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My Journal ^/_^ Shikamari storys

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a painfull flash back
Saki: It's pointless no matter what you do no matter how strong you say you are you will always be a failure...heh even your own mother knew you wherent worth her time.

Inoji: stressed ...SHUT THE HELL UP!!! scream


going back to when Inoji was only 6 and Inoha has a todler, you see them in their room on a rainy night.

Inoji: Hey sis look what i learnd today!! *makes a hand sighn* EXSPANION JUTSU!!! ta da!! xd

Inoha: GA GA HAHA!! blaugh *claps her hands in amusement* rofl

Inoji picks her up as they both lagh

Inoji: hey why don't we show daddy!

Inoha: DADA!!

with his small sister in his arms they go into the kitchen and find their dad sitting on the tabel emosionless stareing at the tabel

Inoji: d..daddy?

his father dosen't even move like he didn't hear a thing suddenly the boy sees the front door wide open just letting the rain blow though the house that is when he realises...

Inoji: no...NO MOMMY!!!

Inoji puts his sister down and runs out the door, his father finly moves his eyes to the door feeling the emptyness of the house then truns his head to Inoha

Inoha: buket!! whee

out in the storm Inoji frantically running and sees a dark figure ahead of him but then trips on a puttel and falls on his stomach lifts his head off the hard ground crying and out of breth

Inoji: p..pleas...don't go ....MOMMY!!

soon the figure leavs fome his eyes and his life


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