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The Opposite Sex!
Body or Face ? body!
Looks or Personality? personality!
Height? a bit shorter, to where she looks up to me!
Weight? slim, but not too slim!
Hair Color: brown/red
Eye Color : light blue
Most Important Physical Feature: havent decided!
Good/Bad Traits
Funny yea!
Loud what? no!
Seductive YEA!
Quiet yea!
Tall maby
Short maby (i like just a little shorter than me!)
Athletic yea
Fat no!
Immature sometimes!
Competitive that might be dangerous O_O
Hyper no!
Smoker hell no!
Drinker hell no, well, not a serious drinker, maby someone who gets drunk one in a VERY RARE while!
Smart yea!
Dumb what? why would i want a dumb gf, thats...kind ....dumb!
Observant yes!

Nerai Kentouken
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [3]
    Community Member

    Sun Mar 30, 2008 @ 07:52pm

    lolz... i wont forget you or robbie...

    and you know what im gonna answer this for the heck of it^^

    The Opposite Sex!
    Body or Face ? face
    Looks or Personality? personality
    Height? it doesn't effect me but i kinda like taller guys
    Weight? whatever makes him comfrotable
    Hair Color: any
    Eye Color : any
    Most Important Physical Feature: idk
    Good/Bad Traits
    Funny- yes
    Loud what? no
    Seductive- sure
    Quiet- maybe, since im quiet sometimes
    Tall- yes(hopefully not a foot shorter than me again >.< wink
    Short- sometimes
    Athletic- maybe
    Fat- a guy yes but im not fat!!! so maybe^^
    Immature- someone who can be serious when they need to be
    Competitive- sometimes lolz.... and i dont want that person dating and a GUY!!!
    Hyper- not really, im not hyper i just like to have fun to try to make pplz happy
    Smoker- no, i couldnt go through that again.
    Drinker- had a person like that... so NO!
    Smart- very much so^^
    Dumb what? ....if this is against me and my blondeness lolz jk.... umm NO!
    Observant- very

    Community Member

    Wed Apr 02, 2008 @ 10:29pm

    your avi.s hair is very pretty... i like it^^

    Nerai Kentouken
    Community Member

    Thu Apr 03, 2008 @ 09:58pm

    biggrin im glad you do! i was thinking for a moment of changing my outfit, but then i wouldnt look the same D:

    User Comments: [3]
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