scream yaaay
i went to the ny comic con with my friend xp akatsuki rein
we had a blast burning_eyes it was so much fun and cool at the same time 4laugh .
we bought light stabbers not light savers(from star wars) wink there.
akatsuki rein bought a kitty hat for himself, not really kitty, more like evil mouse twisted hat. it still look cool mrgreen . i got some posters. we also went to the gaia panel were saw the creators eek of gaia in person. i wanted to get my gaia poster autograph, but we had to leave crying . it was still one of the best days of my life.

p.s i also bought a dead rubber ducky xd .
p.s.s i got the card. it gives you gold mrgreen and a ring.
p.s.s.s i like cookies,gir, and ninja. like ninja Rulez