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grrr... >.>
First Day of School
This may be a tad long.

IT WAS HORRIBLE...okay it wasn't that bad.

I get on the bus, bus ride isn't that long. I get to school, and I go through the doors, and keep walking, walk some more, start rushing because we were late, go upstairs, and start walking, walk some more, then a little more, then I go to my advisment class, and we get our schedule and other crap done, this takes 2 hours, and we go to first period, lets put it this way, everyone in that class is the complete opposiote of me, and my arch enemy just happens to have that class too, so thats not going to be good. Oh, good story with this class. I'm walking, walking, walking, and finally some more walking, and I reach the cafeteria, well above each enterance way is a number, my room number is room number 125, so I look at one 126-whater, its higher, I look another way, 136-whatever, I like another way, 124-101, and I look another way and its like 145-something, its higher, and I'm like, huh? So I literely start walking in circles, and then I stand there for a few seconds, thinking there is a room void, unfourtantly my room is there.

Second period. not so bad science teacher, interesting way of asigning seats, overall its the kind of teacher you want. Funny story here, we were going through our favirote bands some kid says he dosen't have one, and dosen't like music, I'm the same way, anyways, he just gets up and leaves the class,a nd goes somewhere, poof gone, the teacher is confused, then he calls me, and I'm say I'm like that guy, and the teacher says "Are you going to leave too." I quickly respond no, class laughs, I'm popularish.

Third period, where do I begin, I walk in the room, this is a spansih class, its the whitest guy you could ever find, and I take one step, being the judgemental person everyone in the world is, I notice how he moves, in that way that isn't well uhh...manily there. He's not gay though, I'll get to that in a second, he's a classic example of a person you would think is gay, but you know hes not, his girlfriend walks into class, and that was just weird. Seems like it'll be a fun class, not a mean guy, just nice, and has a few things he does, dosen't bother me though.

Lunch, not bad, I have lunch with a kid I havn't seen much in a year, and that went buy without much incident.

Fourth Period, I have one of my friends in my class again, which is good, this school is huge, and seeing your friends, even for the most popular of popular people is a challenge, and the teacher is, no offense, the largest teacher I've ever had. Just wow, nothing wrong with fat people, but it kinda backs up the facts about the area I live in being the fattest in the country. Shes nice, I don't think there is going to be anykind of problems.

Ride home is normal.

I get home, and relax, get my birds out, and they vicously attack me. scream

Its so funny our school keeps going, you enter a hallway, and you start walking, then you continue walking, then you keep walking, you're looking at the classroom numbers, they're not going up all that fast. Its quite amazing how far of a walk it is.

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  • User Comments: [5]
    It sounds like I'd probably die in that school. -Gets lost easily- @_@

    xD Interesting first day, eh?

    comment ziggyzaggerzig · Community Member · Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 02:38am
    Its not hard to get lost, its just a big donut with a giant bite though it on one side, and a knife through it, as I explained and showed at another site.

    User Image


    Yes, interesting day indeed, tommorow its going to be the first day of full classes. cry

    comment Cracovin · Community Member · Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 03:57am
    Even with the wonderful diagram, I'd still die in that school. xD

    -Pats Cracovin's shoulder- There there... if you don't return in one week, I'll send a search party to your school. 3nodding

    comment ziggyzaggerzig · Community Member · Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 10:04pm
    Okay, you almost had to do it today, I got lost returning from lunch. Where's my classroom? gonk

    comment Cracovin · Community Member · Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 10:57pm
    Dx I'm sorry!!

    comment ziggyzaggerzig · Community Member · Fri Aug 19, 2005 @ 11:06pm
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