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grrr... >.>
The End?
Of my Gaia life.

Now I'm not sure, but this place is boring the hell out of me, and its becoming dull and the same everyday, now maybe this becuase of school(likely), lack of people to talk to(unlikely), or I just don't care anymore(Don't really care to rate xd )but I'm considering leaving.

NOW, I have this really cool idea, and if you see me do this really cool idea, I"m either
A) Leaving Gaia
B) Just thinking its so incrediebly cool that I have to do anyways even though it'll hurt my inventory

Now if I do leave it dosen't mean I'll won't stop by, I'm waiting to see the new casino games, and towns, and the battle system is something I'm looking forward too, so its not official but it might happen.

I GOT AN IDEA FOR A NOVEL!!!! YAY!!! But I dont' think I'll ever get around to writing it, but I should, I hope it seems good, Stephen King good, anyways, wish me luck with that.

Oh, uhh, my mom went in to check for cancer she thought she had, nothing, so thats good.

Uh...school rings, O.O expensive, might get a 200 dollar one, but that might not happen, the one I want is 400, and thats pretty aveargly priced.

I dread school everyday, its horrible, but not as bad as last year so I don't know whats wrong with me.

I plan on getting a job soon, and starting to learn how to drive, that should provide some interesting stories. Lots of journal enteries on that.

Wow, long journal entry. xd

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  • User Comments: [5]
    -Clings to your leg- YOU CAN'T LEAVE! Dx

    >.> Drivers should be afraid of me when I am able to drive.. Just as Teh Spaz, we drove a 6-wheeler.... xd

    That's so awsome about the novel! I hope you have the time to explore it more!
    -Has always been interested in writting- whee

    o.o wow, comment. xd

    comment ziggyzaggerzig · Community Member · Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 03:04am
    I enjoy writing, just sit down sometime and write, it flows out of you, its cool.

    Uh...yeah me driving might uhh end up hurting some unsuspecting trees. cry

    Fine I won't leave...well uh...I'll stop posting but I'll drop by often, I don't post anymore for some reason.

    comment Cracovin · Community Member · Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 03:45am
    NOOOOOO! DON'T LEAVE! ;_; Please don't... *clings to him* I won't let you!

    comment DeeJaye · Community Member · Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 09:56pm
    YAYYY! -Tackles you- whee
    -Hands you a balloon that reads 'The... NOT LEAVING BALLOON! YAYY!'-

    The poor defensless trees.... cry

    comment ziggyzaggerzig · Community Member · Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 11:34pm
    The poor poor trees, what did they ever do to you? I know what they did to me. crying

    comment Cracovin · Community Member · Fri Sep 02, 2005 @ 10:30pm
    User Comments: [5]

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