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Confusion... The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

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My Story (Epilogue)
Kumori and Kage = Shadow

Razel never knew why she hated the humans. Her own mother and father were human and she never hated them. She never understood her strong hatred for humans, but she never hurt them. Maybe it was because when she was born, her mother was slaughtered by incoming demon hunters. People say that she was in the crossfire and was killed during that, and others say that she was defending the demons and was killed for her sins. Either way, it upset Razel terribly and her detestation grew by every awakening moment.

There were only a couple of humans that she could not only trust, but she would do anything for, and that was her father and older brother. The two have been her everything after her mother was murdered.

At first she never understood that her mother was dead, and when someone decided to tell her, she refused it. She would pound and beat on the gravediggers, shouting at them that her mother wasn’t dead. She would tell them that her mother was only sleeping and she would wake up soon. She would turn to the coffin and smile down upon it asking, “Right, mother? You’re… only sleeping. Tell them!” All she wanted was a reply.

Razel would jump in the hole and lay on the coffin as if to protect it, because she knew that the gravediggers wouldn’t throw loose dirt on it if she were there. It took her father and her fathers’ friend to get Razel to release the coffin as they buried her mother. Razel’s screams and cried were almost loud enough to wake the whole village. She would also ask her father to tell them her mother was only sleeping as well. It was when her father looked away and refused to tell the gravediggers, that she knew for sure that her mother was rightfully dead.

For years she detested the humans for the death of her mother. She would refuse to tell herself that she was a human herself. She would force herself to believe that she was inhuman; a demon and different from everyone else. Her eyes would grow blank even at the thought of being human.

After she was about age six she joined school at her fathers’ request. There weren’t many people who liked her for her belief that she was a demon. In fact, they would tease her and pitch rocks and whatever else they could get their hands on, at her making her feel unwelcome. There was a time in school when she entered the room and the words, “Go to Hell!” and “You should die like your mother!” were carved into her desk. The desk was covered in filth and disgusting contents that made her gag.

Once that happened, she refused her father for going to school. Her father forced her to go back soon however. She obeyed and the next day she found her desk even worse than before. It didn’t take her that long before she learned to ignore the horrid smell and she grew blank of her surroundings around her.

One day, after she had been going to school for about four months, she saw her brother being beaten by some other classmates. They kept shouting, “Why would you protect her? She’s a stupid girl! Even if she is your sister! Get over it or people might think that you are in love with her.” They would clout him in the jaw and knee him in the stomach. Razel would wince at this and cry in silence over it. She had to do something, but before she could go and help her brother the others would be gone leaving him to groan on the ground.

Razel would hug him and apologize to him for everything. She knew that his pain was because of him. He never hated her for it though. He would smile and tell her that he would be okay, no matter who attacked him. As long as she was unharmed he would take any beating. She would thank him for it, but what he didn’t know is that, she has taken beatings, though she won’t let him know.
Their father found out about the things that have been going on at school and instantly took them out of it.

A year later, Razel was about eight years if age, and her father was out a lot, fighting demons, for he was a demon slayer, (which Razel didn’t like at all) so it was usually only her brother, Akito, and her at the house. However, Akito would go and work for neighbors to earn some yen for food and other things, so Razel was at the house by herself a lot.

Since she didn’t have any friends, she would talk to her dolls, but her best friend was her own shadow. Though they never responded back to her, she enjoyed making conversation with them. Sometimes she hoped that they would reply, though.

Terrible news came across the village that one of the most strategic demon slayer, Cain, was killed while in combat. Some say that a demon killed, but most told that Cain had gone against his own kind to help the demons, forcing the others to kill him. Cain was the one and only father of Razel and Akito. Razel wasn’t happy about this. This made her hate the humans even more because the story she heard was the one of his comrades having to kill him. Her rage against humans grew heavier by each approaching day.

Some days she would even ask her shadow if she should kill them. Her brother didn’t like the way she was acting, but he couldn’t say any different, for he didn’t understand too much, knowing he was the same age as she was and now he was going to have to help support both of them. They had no relatives in the village so they were both considered orphans.

Two more years past since then and the two were about 10 years old. They couldn’t do much, but they did what they could.
A couple of men, who were obviously members of the clan their twos’ father was in, came to take Akito away to train to become a demon slayer. Since he was the son of Cain, he had much potential power to him they were interested to have him. However, both the siblings denied the offer, but it wasn’t an offer. It was automatic claim. He wasn’t given a choice. Being only 10 though, Akito didn’t have enough power to fight off two grown and powerful men. He carried away from Razel, probably never to be seen by her again.

Her anger grew to the most it possibly could, that she was almost in pain. She had thoughts of death and suicide. She couldn’t possibly live through this life without them. Everyone around her, she hated or hated her. What could she do? She felt as though worthless to the small public.

No matter how many thoughts of suicide she had, she couldn’t get the courage to actually do it.

Another two years past and she grew tired of her thought for killing herself. What go would it do her if she can’t even wind up the courage to do such a thing? Everything around her was black. She was empty within, with sadness, pain and hatred. She’d cry alone and talk to her shadow and her dolls.

At some point she could actually hear her own shadow talking to her. Her frightened heart told her that this wasn’t a good thing, but her lifeless mind convinced her the it was the only thing she had left.

“A pact?” She pondered about it, not knowing what a pact was.

“Yes.” Maniacally hissed her shadow. “A pact is a contract you make with a demon, to become one yourself. You can gain such great power, such element! However, you must lose something in return.”

“What will I lose?”

“I do not know myself. It is chosen for you.” Her shadow snickered.

“I don’t know. But, I’m guessing you are a demon?” Her voice was empty, as she hugged her legs.

“Of course.”

“What will happen to you if I make the pact?”

“I will be your soul, your alter ego. I will be the one giving you your power. Although, I will be coming out every once in while.” The dark figure was devious, but convincing.

“What will I gain other than power?”

“I cannot give out such information. That is for you to find out.”

Razel sighed blankly, thinking about it. What would she even do with such power?

“Think about it, every human that detests you, can be given their rightful fate. Everyone in this village will pay for what they have done to you and your family. Maybe you can even get some information from a couple of them to tell you where your brother is.” Her shadow sounded anxious, although she didn’t notice. Her mind was on a thought runaway. She could do all of that with this pact.

“What do I have to do?” Razel agreed to the pact.

Her shadow snickered telling her all she needed to do was touch the floor so her hand and the shadow were connected. Doing so, Razel watched closely. Nothing happened, until her arm became engulfed with blackness. She gasped, shocked at this, as it grew to the rest of her body.

Her panic got to her and started to tear off the shadows growing on her. It ripped and tore, but wouldn’t stay off. Every time it hit the floor, it would just crawl up to the same empty spot. “Relax…” Whispered the black coat, harmonizing her mind.

Razel fell limp as the blackness overwhelmed the rest of her body.

It didn’t take long, before all of the blackness welled up over her heart. It was sucked into her chest, most likely to rest in the contents on her heart.

Razel bowed her head to look at the floor. She was in awe. She breathed hard feeling her lungs expand painfully. “The pact should take place soon, 12 hours to be approximate.” The voice spoke, but didn’t seem to have any affect on Razel, for her eyes were still locked on to the floor.

Four hours had possibly passed and Razel still hadn’t moved from her position.
Then her heart throbbed in agony. She held her throbbing chest, which started to feel heavy. Groans came from her mouth as she attempted to make the pain stopped, without success.

Warm liquid rushed through her throat and pooled in her mouth. It was a bitter mixture of many things, but the only thing she could make out was the iron. Spitting it up, blood dripped down her chin. She coughed harshly trying to get the rest of the blood out. But soon, with that little of blood, she fainted.

She awoke in her room, with blood collected on the floor, instead of drool. She sat up quickly staring at the blood, then wiping it off her face. “Why am I bleeding?” Razel asked herself thinking that no one was listening. Her chest felt much lighter as well.

She also noticed some other dramatic changes. Her jet-black hair became a pure white color, and her once blue eyes grew blood shot red. Every shadow around her seemed to have some kind of life within them.

“Do you remember when I told you that you would have to lose something in order to gain this power?” Razel flinched at the familiar voice, and looked down at her shadow which had blood shot eyes and an evil grin. Razel nodded to confirm her understanding. “You lose what you wanted most. For you, it was death.” Razel tilted her head showing her confusion, but nodding to let her shadow know that it was that she wanted. “You lost the ability to die.” Snickered her shadow.

Razel was shocked at this. She lost the ability to die? “Then why am I bleeding?”
“You have no heart.”

Anxiety and baffled astonishment flowed through her veins. “What?! How? Impossible! Wouldn’t I be dead?”

“How shall I put this… you are dead, without being dead. So basically, you are the Living Dead.” Her shadow laughed at the thought. “You are only alive because I have a heart. Without my heart, you would be dead.” Razel, only slightly understanding what is going on, stared down to her blood. “And there is no possible way to break the pact.” Lied her shadow.

Razel looked at her chest. It had a small burn mark on it, a filled in circle with an upside down cross over it. “What does this symbol stand for?”

“Darkness. You gained the power of darkness. One of the most powerful element one could ever gain!”

“I see.” Razel was amazed.

“Now let us go find some answer, shall we?” Razel jumped up to her feet remembering her brother. Running out of her perfectly normal home, she stepped out of the door only to see every house demolished and painted red with blood. The aura around her felt dark and ominous.

Chapter One, coming soon.

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