These days music in my opinion is at its peak and this might just be me with no creativity be i don't know if we will ever create music then the ones we are hearing on the radio confused what the artist going to do now for better music? question are we going to keep hearing the same old music over and over? question if a person can create better music with an new orignial sound i will congraulate them for thinking out of the box biggrin . And i think we created combinations with music that we can't create no more for example hip hop with classical, classical with rap what's next all types of music combined all togather stare . I'm not saying that i don't like music, all i'm saying is that we are running out of options on how music will appear to the next generation of teenagers xp .

aka elmo exclaim

P.S. the mexican word of the day is water
'Water' - My vieja gets mad and I dont even know 'water' problem is.