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Blood and Tears
A journal of notes and saved chapters from my book.
Chapter 1

“It was him again.” .“ The boy from my dreams”. Nikki wrote in her small diary that she had pulled out of a box that she had hidden under her bed. Nikki stood up and walked over to her dresser and looked into the mirror. It was still dark and her reflection was very dark and shadowed. She looked at the dark image that was her reflection on the surface of the glass. She looked into the dark glass trying to remember what the dream had been like or what had happened in it. She soon gave up when she couldn’t remember what it had been about and pressed her face into her palms because she was frustrated and upset that she couldn’t remember. All that she could remember was that he had been in it. The same boy that was in all of her dreams. She closed her eyes and she could remember him perfectly. She could remember everything about him. He was as tall as she was and met her eyes at a perfect height. He had black hair that hid his face and a thin dark red scar that crossed his face and his right eye. The one thing that lured her in each night was his eyes. He had sapphire blue eyes that seemed to be streaked with small streaks of blood red.

Nikki lifted her face out of her hands and looked up once again at her reflection brushing her long black bangs out of her face. She looked into the mirror and tried to remember once again what she had dreamt about. Once again she could not remember. All she could remember was that she had woken late at night and that the dream had left her exhausted and out of breath. She had gotten out of bed and looked in the mirror and she could clearly see, even in the dim light of the night, that there was a bright red streak across her face and her face felt warm and she had a strange feeling that seemed to overwhelm her but soon left a few minutes later. Nikki began to grow even more frustrated and walked over to the window of her room and rested her head on the cold surface of the glass and looked out at the dark void that was the city streets around her. Nikki shut her eyes and listened to the soft sound of rain on the window as it began to rain outside. It had been raining a lot lately. Nikki didn’t find this a surprise at all. It was late spring and it was normal for it to rain this much during this time of year. Nikki didn’t mind the rain. She actually enjoyed it. She loved it when it rained. She would listen to it on hours sometimes because the sound of the rain falling relaxed her so much and sounded so good to her. Nikki continued to listen to the rain outside until it was interrupted by the voice of her mother yelling from the other side of the door for her to get up out of bed and get ready for school.

Nikki looked across the room at the glowing face of the clock sitting by her bed. It was six o’clock. She had been awake for almost five hours since the dream had woken her from her sleep. Nikki wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. She wanted to dream. She wanted to dream about him. She wanted to see him again. Nikki soon snapped out her trance when her mothers voice came yelling through her door again. Nikki quickly grabbed some clothes out of her dresser, not even bothering to see which ones she had grabbed, and quickly made her way to the shower. She was not looking forward to going to school today.

Chapter 2

“”The elders are not going to be very happy with you when they find out that you are here” Legion said concerned about his friend who had gone against everything that the elders had told him not to do. “Then lets hope that they do not find out” Lance said absent mindenty. Lance had been here all night watching and waiting and was now deep in thought. Lance had been watching all night and had not returned to their home for at least two days. Lance could hear his dear friend going on and on about how the elders had forbade him to come and how they forbade him to get involved with the humans for any reason other than feeding. Lance didn’t care. Lance had fallen in love with her, and he hated being so far away from her. Lance could remember the elders exact words and how they had told him that it was blasphemy for their kind to fall in love with a human. After all, they were considered monsters by the humans and were often hunted. Still, lance did not care, even though Lance had headed the words of the elder, he still did not care and still went against their commands.

Lance stood on the edge of her building looking out at the rainy city around him. “You do realize what might happen if you continue to see her don’t you”. Legion said walking up to his friend “the elders aren’t exactly happy with you Lance”. Lance turned his head to face his Legion “they aren’t exactly happy with you either”. Lance answered back, hoping that would end the argument there. “I’m not the one who is in love with someone outside of our kind”. Legion said back sternly. Lance turned around keeping himself perched onto the edge of the building. He turned around to confront his life long friend, but when lance saw the look of concern on his Legions face he stopped and stood facing his friend “it is not any of your business, or the elders, to tell me what I can and cannot do”. Lance said turning back around and turning his back to his friend, making the point that the argument was over and done with. Legion walked over and put a hand on his friends shoulder with a concerned look on his face “just make sure your home before Serist gets back”. Legion said giving him a warm smile and a friendly wink “Serist won’t be very happy if you aren’t there when he gets back”. Lance looked back at his dear friend and gave him a sly smile over his shoulder Serist wont be happy about you wearing his cloak either”. Legion looked down at the long silk black cloak that he had draped over himself to keep out the rain and let out a laugh that made his black hood fall from his head revealing his short black messy hair. Legion looked over in Lance’s direction to make sure that he wasn’t the only one laughing at the joke that lance had made. But when legion did, his friend was nowhere to be found and had disappeared. Legion let out a sigh and got a running start jumping from one roof top to the next stopping on one to look back and see if Lance had returned. When he saw that his friend had not yet returned he let out another sign and continued on his way, quietly saying a silent prayer for his friends protection.

Chapter 3

Niki walked by the kitchen and shot toward the door grabbing her coat hoping to avoid her mom, who was now busy in the kitchen, and made her way to the door. Niki began to open the door slowly trying to be as quite as she could and started to slip out the door when her mother’s voice came down the hall “are you leaving?” she asked starting her way down the hall and out of the kitchen. Niki’s mother was a very superficial person and looked more like a life size Barbie than an actual person. She had long blond hair and worn more make-up than any person Nikki knew. Her mother walked over to Nikki and wrapped her in a big hug that practically strangled her. Her mother ran her hand through Nikki’s long black hair“we really should bleach your hair sometime”. She said looking down at her child’s black hair. Nikki quickly pulled herself from the death grip of her mother’s hug “no thank you, Claire”. Nikki said trying to make her way to the door again. Nikki’s mother looked at her sternly “I told you to stop calling me that”. Her mother said sternly. Her voice turned back to the friendly tone she was known for “Please, just call me mom”. She said quietly. Nikki turned around and went out the door slamming it behind her quietly whispering to herself “you will never be my mother”. Nikki continued down the street with tears beginning to form in her eyes. Nikki quickly wiped the tears away and quickly made her way down the rainy streets.

Nikki looked around at the rainy streets around her, they were unusually empty. Nikki had noticed that there seemed to be less and less people in this part of the city and missing reports were constantly in the news. Something seemed very out of place to her. Something about this just didn’t seem right to her. But soon enough she quickly dismissed the thought and began to think deeply about the dream from the night before. Nikki continued down the street listening to the soft patter of the rain on the street. She walked down the wet streets when suddenly a strange feeling swept over her. She began to panic a little and began to slowly speed up her pace of walking until she was practically running. She soon realized just how stupid she was acting and brought her pace back down to a steady walk. Nikki looked around the street brushing her rain drenched hair out of her face revealing her sapphire blue eyes. Her eyes were a gift from her mother, her birth mother. Nikki continued down the street and let out a sigh of relief when she saw the school was now in sight. She quickly made her way to the back of the small school and slipped in the back door, making sure that nobody saw her.

As soon as Nikki was sure that nobody had seen her she turned around and just about screamed. Standing right behind her was her friend life long friend Jessi. Jessi was a very high spirited and friendly girl. She wasn’t very big but not very small either. Jessi wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl on campus, but she had one thing that every girl on campus envied and wanted. Her hair. Jessi had long blond hair that was about shoulder length and was the color of golden silk. Every girl on campus wished that they could have Jessi’s hair. Nikki and Jessi had known each other since they both were 5 years old and that had always been there for each other ever since.

Nikki shouted angrily at her friend who was now trying to not fall over laughing. “Don’t do that!” Jessi was finally starting to catch her breath “sorry, I couldn’t help it”. Jessi said still laughing. Nikki Smacked Jessi over the head and stormed off down the hall. Jessi picked herself up off of the floor and ran off after her friend. “Nick is looking for you”. Jessi said when she caught up with Nikki. Nikki rolled her eyes. Nick was her supposed “boyfriend”
who she was set up with by her supposed “friend” Ashley. Nikki hated Nick. She hated everything about him. He was a perv, he was aggressive, and he was always mean to her friends. Plus, he had the hardest time keeping his hands to himself. Sometimes he would be grabbing her so much that it just made her feel absolutely terrible inside and she would have to give him a sharp jab with her elbow in his side or his ribs to get him to stop. The only reason why she stayed with him was because she was afraid of what he might do to her if she ever broke up with him.

As if on cue, a strong muscled handsome boy with short brown hair and grin on his face appeared at the end of the hall and started his way toward Jessi and Nikki when he saw them. The instant that Nikki saw nick coming, she got a terrible feeling that made her feel absolutely sick and she began to feel bad all over.

Chapter 4

Lance had watched her leave her home and had followed her to school. He now sat outside on the roof of the school looking around at the school’s property. The school wasn’t very big. It was a private school, but not necessarily one for smart kids or even for not so bright kids. It was just private. It was a school that was for parents who just didn’t want their children to go to a public school. Lance sat on the roof of the school looking out at the small fields that were surrounding the school. There wasn’t a single person about and there wasn’t a single sound other than the soft fall of the rain. Lance leaned against one of the heaters on the roof of the school and let out a long sigh lowering his head and closing his eyes listening to the lullaby of the falling rain. Lance opened one eye when he heard foot fall coming from the edge of the building. Lance began to relax though when he saw who it was out of the corner of his eye. It was Faith. Faith was a childhood friend of Lance. She was about 19 years old and had dirty blond hair and a very good figure. Lance had to admit, she was very beautiful. Lance had known Faith since he was born and they had been friends ever since. Faith was also married to a vampire named Serist. Serist was Lance’s master and teacher in Lance’s younger days. He was like a father to him.

Serist was one of the few vampires on the council and he had a say in a lot of the decisions that the vampire community made. That also included Lance’s punishment. His punishment for becoming infatuated with a human. Serist, however, used his power in the council to revoke and remove the punishment. Lance thanked his old friend and teacher but did not get off free. Serist wanted to meet faith and it was all thanks to Lance that the two even ever met. Lance looked up into the kind blue eyes of he beautiful vampire that stood before him. “Serist is very proud of you” Faith said, her voice just as beautiful as she was. “If he is, he sure doesn’t show it”. Lance said looking away, breaking away from the gaze of Faith’s caring eyes. “It takes a lot of strength and will power to go against the words of the elders” Faith said kindly sitting down next to lance tucking her elegant dress underneath her. “You’re a lot stronger than any of us would have ever guessed”. Faith said trying to look Lance in the eyes “you carry a very heavy burden that has been forced upon you, and you go against everything that the elders have taught us and told us to do”. Faith looked over sadly when she could not meet Lance’s eyes “especially considering what you are fighting for”. Faith said quietly with sincerity in her voice. Lance shut her out and pressed his face into his arms that he now had crossed across his legs. Lance listened and didn’t move until he heard Faith get up and leave and was sure that she was gone.

Chapter 5

The rest of the day went by very slowly for Nikki. She has spaced out for most of the day and didn’t really pay attention to anything going on around her. It was lunch time now and Nikki and Jessi were sitting at a table in the farthest corner of the cafeteria. “So?” Jessi asked from across the table. “What?” Nikki asked back looking confused. “Did you see him again?” Jessi asked keeping her voice down so that nobody else would over hear. “Who?” Nikki asked, still confused. “You know” Jessi looked around cautiously “the boy from your dreams”. She said whispering it. Nikki looked across the table at her friend. The truth was, she had been thinking about him all day. She just couldn’t get him off of her mind. She had been trying all day to remember what the dream from the night before had been about, but she just couldn’t. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t remember. Nikki turned to Jessi “yes” she said to Jessi, but in a way as to tell her that it was the end of the conversation about him.

Jessi looked over Nikki’s shoulder and a frown came across her face. It was Nick. He had just came into the cafeteria and was making his way over to the two girls. “Look whose coming” Jessi said still frowning. Jessi knew just how much Nikki hated Nick. She also knew about all of the things that nick had done to her. Nikki looked over her shoulder, as soon as she saw Nick; the horrible feeling came over her again. Nick walked up to her and sat down next to her on the bench wrapping both his arms around her and resting his hands in her lap “hey baby”. Nick said greeting and nuzzling her neck. Nikki pulled away from him when she felt his touch and tried to get away. Nick hated it when she tried to get away, so he pulled her in closer and pushed both of his hands into her crouch. She hated it when he started touching her there and elbowed him in ribs telling him to stop. Jessi watched helplessly from the other side of the table as her life long friend was being sexually harassed by her “boyfriend”. Jessi felt so helpless when she couldn’t help Nikki with things like this. Jessi looked up at the clock hanging on the cafeteria wall and was willing for it to move faster so that Nikki would have an excuse to get away from Nick.

Chapter 6

Lance had been sitting on the roof of the school for another two hours before he actually got up and finally started moving around. He stood up and walked over to the edge of the small building and looked out at the property of the school. It was still raining outside and everything was dark and wet, which made everything around the school look very dark and gloomy. He looked down at himself and what he was wearing, he realized that he really hadn’t put much thought at all in what he had put on to wear. He had left the home in a hurry and didn’t really mind what he had dressed in.

He had put on some black thin silk pants and a long sleeved cotton shirt that fit loosely on him. He also was wearing black leather shoes that had a slight red tint to them, and on his way out of the house he had grabbed his jacket and thrown it on. All of these things were very common things and could be seen anywhere, however, there was one article of clothing that lance wore that was very unusual and very special. His coat. His coat was about as long as a trench coat but had no sleeves, it was also made of a strange thin yet durable material that nobody has yet been able to identify and color of it was as dark as night itself. The only color on the coat was the mysterious red symbol drawn on the back of it. The symbol went from the top of Lance’s shoulders and ended about the bottom of his back and is written in such a deep red that it looks as if it was written in blood. The dark symbol that rests on the material of the cloak seems to also give of a strange aura that glows a deathly blood red when seen in the full light of the moon. The only thing that anybody knows for sure about the dark symbol is that, anybody who gazes into the symbol in the light of the moon are filled with feelings of pain and suffering. Many of the other people at their home have all asked Lance were the dark clothe came from or what the symbol means, but Lance has refused to tell anybody. However, as surrounded in mystery his cloak was, it was not his most prized possession. Lance had two items in his possession that he prized more than anything.

The first of the two items was a sword. Grief. That was what it was called. Lance had found the sword lying in his room one night, under the moonlight of a blood red moon that hung hauntingly in the sky. When lance brought the sword to the elders, they had recognized it the second they laid their eyes upon its jagged edge. The elders sat lance down and began to tell the young vampire the story that lay behind the dark blade.

The Legend was passed down from one elder to the next threw countless generations. The blade had been forged during a great war that lasted hundreds of years. The war was being waged between two races, the lycans, and the vampires. The war lasted hundreds of years until the peak of it, when four blades of massive power were created. Two by moonlight, two by blood. That was how the legend went. Even to this day, the war still rages on, but in secret. The lycans, which were now commonly known as werewolves, hid among the humans, secretly attacking the vampires by hiring other dark beasts to do their bidding or attacking the vampires themselves. The four sacred blades that were forged during the war were given to the two leaders of each race. To this day, all of the swords still rest with each races leader, waiting to be used again and to get their taste of blood once again. Grief, however, was not one of the original four blades. Grief was forged and created when a grieving father lost his family both to the two warring sides. Filled with hatred for both the vampires and the lycans, he became blooded into both races. When the two races found out about his, they became very angry and both killed the man. However, they could not kill him before he had forged a blade and channeled all of his pain and sorrow into the blade. That blade became Grief. The blade was now cursed and is said to be able to grow more powerful by drawing on its wielders feelings of pain or suffering.

The other item of value in Lance’s possession was a necklace. It was made out of a strange dark red metal that was twisted and bent into the shape of a rose. Lance received the necklace from a very dear friend when she passed away. There doesn’t seem to be anything special about the strange necklace, but yet lance still will not tell anybody much about it either.

Lance looked out into the rain that was still persisting and continuing to fall when suddenly a noise arose and caught him off guard. The noise was the sound of foot steps. He instantly went for the sword at his side and whipped it out of its scabbard at an inhuman speed and quickly spun around to face whoever had approached him. Standing before him was a man with short messy hair that was a dark shade of red. The man was wearing entirely black and wore a dark colored cloak that he had draped around himself. However, there was one thing that stood out more than anything. His eyes. The man’s eyes were a deep shade of crimson that shone brightly in the dim light of the rainy day. The man grinned a toothy grin and reached at his side drawing out a long sword that had a small silver handle and a crest imprinted on the blade. Lance all ready had his sword and held it pointed the man “what do you want?” Lance said darkly. He knew exactly what this man was just by the color of his eyes. He was a Rogue Vampire.

Rogue vampires were vampires that went against everything that the elders taught and instructed. They are hated by all vampires and are often referred to as “dark blood”. All vampires hate their “dark blooded” cousins and most vampires make a personal goal to hunt down and kill them. There is, however, one reason why most vampires hate these dark fiends so much. They kill who they drink from. When a vampire drinks blood from its victim they are rendered unconscious from one of a few special natural abilities that vampires are given when they are born. Vampires also don’t drink as much blood as most people think. A full size vampire can survive for up to four months with only a half a pint of blood, so there isn’t ever necessary for a vampire to kill who they drink from. Rogue vampires, however, viciously kill their prey and drain their bodies’ dry of blood. Drinking that much blood is extremely bad for a vampire’s heath and often drives them mentally insane if they do.

Lance glared at the dark figure before him. “The same thing that all of us want”. The Dark blood purred his voice chilly and unnerving. Lance began to grow inpatient with this dark creature and swung his sword at his enemy standing before him, arching the swing aiming it at his throat. The dark blood quickly brought his sword up and blocked lance’s sword with the blade of his own by the handle of his sword. The Rogue then spun around swinging his sword in the same direction as his spin using the momentum of the spin to whip the sword at lance. Lance quickly jumped up and kicked off of one of the heaters on the roof. He narrowly dodges the sword and hears it whip by him as he drops back down from the jump. He lands on the roof of the building and goes into a roll bringing his sword straight out and up until he feels it plunge into his enemies’ chest, missing his heart by only a few inches. A look of complete shock came across the Rogue’s face as it felt the blade pass into its chest and it fell back and slid off of the edge of Lance’s sword dropping to the ground dead.

Lance looked down at the dead vampires body lying on the ground and soon turned around and walked over to the edge of the school looking around for any more rogue vampires that might be hiding. Suddenly, and without warning, the dead vampire jumped up onto its feet and charged lance at full speed intending to throw lance off of the building. Lance had seen this coming and quickly spun to the side and grabbed the vampire. He then swung himself around and used the momentum of the spin and his strength to hurl the vampire off of the roof of the building and down crashing toward the ground. Lance took a few steps back and waited for the sickening thud of the dark blooded vampire’s body hitting the ground. Lance turned around and looked around the roof. He walked over to a puddle that had formed on the roof from the rain and washed his blade of the vampire’s blood and then resheathed it in its scabbard. Lance looked down, into the dark surface of the now blood stained puddle, and looked at the boyish face that was reflecting on its dark surface. He reached up and brushed his dark bangs out of his face and ran his fingers along the dark red scar that ran across his left eye and continued into part of his face. He looked away from the dark image in the water and stood back up and looked out at the dark streets around the school. He slowly closed his eyes and tried to focus on the sound of the falling rain. He kept his eyes closed but watched as painful memories of his past flashed through his mind. Lance stood alone as a single pain filled tear rolled down his face and stood there, holding tightly to the necklace that hung around his neck. He opened his eyes slowly and looked over the edge of the school and growled angrily when he saw that the vampire’s body had moved and now was gone. He wiped the tears from his face and walked back over to one of the heaters on the roof and sat back down closing his eyes and trying to zone everything out and hear nothing but the soft lullaby of the rain falling around him.

Chapter 7

“Why do you stay with him?” Jessi asked Nikki concerned for her very close friend. Nikki didn’t respond and just continued walking down the hall with Jessi. “Why do you stay with him if he treats you so badly?” She asked again hoping to get an answer this time. “Because I'm scared”. Nikki said as a tear rolled down her face. “I’m just so scared”. She said again her voice now shaking. Jessi pulled Nikki of to the side and out of the school and sat her down on one of the benches set up around the school’s property. It was still raining, but Jessi just ignored it. “Are you ok?” She asked Nikki deeply concerned for her. “I’m fine”. Nikki said quietly looking away. “No, your not”. Jessi said looking her in the eyes. “Nick has done something to you that is deeply hurting you”. As if on cue, thunder began to rumble in the sky and it began to rain even harder. Nikki moved her head over to her friend’s shoulder and began to cry lightly. Jessi wrapped her in a hug and hugged her tightly whispering that she was going to be ok and that nick was going to pay for what he has done. Soon enough the bells rang and the girls had to get to class. Jessi gave Nikki one last hug before leaving and they both departed leaving for their classes.

Nikki sat down in her seat and dropped her stuff on her desk. She buried her face in her arms and rested her head on her desk. She just about jumped when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around in her seat to see who it was. Her heart sank. It was Nick. She had completely forgotten that she had this class with him and he had caught her completely off guard. “are you doing anything tonight?” he asked her casually. “No, why?” She asked looking away trying to avoid his gaze. “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk in the park tonight”. He said smiling. She looked at Nick and then down to the desk. She wanted to say no more than anything, but she couldn’t. She wanted to refuse and never see him again, but she knew that id she said no, he would get angry and would probably hurt her again. “Sure”. She said burying her face in her arms. “Great, ill pick you up right after school”. Nick said and hopped back over to his desk on the other side of the room. She hated being with Nick, she hated it more than anything. Even more, she hated being alone with him where nobody could see what he did to her. Nick was a very strong and forceful person and it scared her so much to be alone with him.

Nikki looked at the teacher who was now giving his instructions for the day. She wasn’t listening and zoned out everything else around her. She buried her face in her arms and rested her head on the cold surface of the desk trying to drown out all the noise around her. She sat there quietly thinking and listening to all of the events of the day echoed in her mind. She looked over at nick, which was sitting in his chair and grinning at her. She dreaded the time the two of them spent together and was terrified of what nick might have planned for her when they went to the park. She looked away from him and looked up at the grim face of the clock hanging on the wall. She slowly counted down the seconds of the clock like a person would count down the seconds of a bomb, sitting 2 feet in front of them. She sat quietly in her desk as her grim fate slowly approached her.

Chapter 8

Lance stood on the edge of the roof looking down at the doors of the school. It was still raining and he had been waiting outside for a while now. It was about 4 o’clock now and it was starting to get dark out. Lance leaned over the edge and waited cautiously for the school bell to ring. When the bell rang, thousands of teens all flooded out the small doors of the school all screaming and talking amongst each other. Lance waited patiently and smiled when he saw Nikki and her friend walk out of the school. She was one of the last people to leave the school and seemed as if she was trying to hide from somebody. Lance watched from the roof as the wind blew her long black hair and revealed her face in the dim light. He smiled when he saw her face, the smile didn’t last though. He watched a man walk up to Nikki and he could sense her discomfort. It was Nick.

Lance hated Nick more than anything. He had seen enough of the things hat Nick did to her to hate him beyond measure. There was another reason why he hated him so much though. He reeked of lycans. He wasn’t sure if he was a werewolf or not or if he just spent a lot of time with someone who is one. The scent of wolf was definitely on him though.

Lance watched the three walk over to a truck and Nick and Nikki climb into it and drive off. Lance quickly jumped down from the roof rebounding off of one of the benches that sat at the bottom and landed perfectly on his feet. He pushes off of the ground and takes off running after the truck. He begins running at a normal speed but soon accelerates to his full unnatural vampire running speed. As he runs along the street he uses another one of his special vampire gifts and begins to blend in with everything around him. He chases down the truck until eventually they stop at a park. When he saw the truck parking he jumps up into a tree using a bench to jump off of and hides in the branches watching. He was tired of the way that Nick treated Nikki and he heard the metal of his sword creak when his grip on its handle tightened He watched them get out of the car and lance followed them closely keeping his hand on his sword, ready to kill nick if he tried to do something to her. Lance watched quietly as Nick pushed her to the ground and stood over her as if he was about to beat her. Nick suddenly looked up and let out a moan of pain. Lance looked up to see what he was looking at and a dark grin came across lance’s face. He now had an excuse to kill Nick. He was looking at the moon.

Lance dropped down from the tree and silently drew grief from its case. He watched and waited for the moment to kill the beast that was about to take form. Grief began to give off an eerie glow in the moonlight that seemed like it hungering to spill nick’s blood and was trying to will lance to do it. Lance jumped back and kicked off the tree charging toward the beast that now stood before him.

Chapter 9

Nikki sat on the cold ground and watched at what was happening as a look of terror started to come across her face. The moon had broken through the cover of the clouds and was now shining down on nick, which was now changing into some kind of animal. His large muscled body was now growing and taking on an animal form and his face was bending into what looked like that of a wolf. His face was beginning to now grow longer into a snout filled with razor sharp teeth. Massive paws and claws begin to take place of his hands and feet and the sound of ripping clothes rings in the air as he takes on the changes. Nikki looks up at nick from the ground and he seemed to be done changing now. She looks up at the 7 foot tall feral creature standing above her and begins to shake with terror. The massive creature lets out a howl and brings one of its arms up and begins to bring it down on her meaning to kill her. She shuts her eyes tight and waits for what seems to be an eternity for her life to come to an end. But it doesn’t. She waits a few more moments to feel the creatures claws rip into her and rip her life away from her. But it never happens.

She opens her eyes and is shocked at what she saw. Standing in front of her is a young man in a long black jacket is standing in front of her and had stopped the monster’s claw from hitting her. The claws, however, had kept going though and had gone straight into the boy’s arm. Blood was pouring out of the wounds and was now dying the grass under him a deep crimson red. The boy suddenly sprung up from his crouching position and brought his fist up crashing it into the side of the wolf’s face. The wolf stumbled back a few steps from the blow and the boy took advantage of that and pulled his arm away from the wolf’s claws and clenched his hand into another fist. He sent his fist flying again smashing it in between the wolf’s eyes. The wolf howled with pain and stumbled backward falling to the ground but quickly getting back up. He then quickly reached to his side and pulled out a sword from a leather case and charged the wolf at a shockingly quick speed. Nikki sat on the cold ground and watched with amazement at everything that was happening. She could now see the boy perfectly and images from her dreams raced through her mind, she now recognized him. It was him, the boy from her dreams. He was exactly how she had seen him. Everything was the same, the dark symbol on his jacket, his long black hair, even the scar on his face were all exactly how she seen him in her dreams. Her mind began to reel as she watched in shock trying to figure out how any of this was possible.

Lance knew that Nikki had seen him and that she was watching him. He would have gone over to help her up, but he was a little busy being attack by a seven foot tall super human wolf. Lance caught sight of a massive grey claw coming down at him out of the corner of his eye and brought his sword up at the last second knocking it away. He spun around and brought his right leg up kicking the wolf dead center in the chest but tumbled backward when a massive shock of pain shot through his leg when it hits the wolf. Lance swore under his breathe when he felt the pain and tumbled backward trying to regain his balance. He should have known better. He felt more pain go through his leg when he leaned on it and quickly tried to relieve the pressure off of it. He had for the moment forgotten about one of the werewolves’ nature advantages. A werewolf’s skeleton in its full form was harder than any metal and their hides were as tough as stone. Vampires had advantages too though. They had super human strength and speed and were a lot smaller than wolfs making them quicker. Lance quickly glanced around trying to find a way to put the fight back into his favor. The wolf had quickly recovered from the kick and was now charging lance brining both its claws down at Lance. Lance hadn’t been paying attention and only brought his swords up just at the last possible moment. He had stopped the wolf's attack but was now being pushed down to the ground. He could feel the massive weight pressing down on the sword that he had crossed over his head. He winced when he felt pain begin to go through his leg as the wolf continues to press down on him with all of its strength. Lance looked up into the wolf’s savage yellow eyes and cursed under his breathe when he felt the ground underneath him getting closer.

Nikki finally snapped out of her trance and began to panic. She looked around for the boy who was now being pinned down by the wolf that was nick. She looked around for some way that she could help him and started running around searching. She spotted a large heavy iron rod and grabbed it, almost dropping it. It was very heavy and she had to drag it on the ground. She drug it along the ground until she was closer to the wolf and got ready as she aimed for the wolf’s head. She began to swing the rod when suddenly the memory of her elbowing nick flashed into her mind and she fond her self swinging the rod toward the wolf’s side instead of its head.

The wolf yipped out in pain when it felt something hard crash into its side sending a surge of pain through its ribs. It stumbled backwards and fell over, caught off guard by the blow. Nikki had aimed it perfectly and had hit him right where the sore ribs where. She now remembered and realized that, even though he was now this monster, it was still nick inside. Nick growled angrily and swung at Nikki sending her crashing to the ground. Nikki felt the arm hit her and felt herself come crashing down to the ground until she felt her head hit the ground hard on a rock and everything around her began to go dark.

Lance sprung up from the ground and growled angrily when he saw Nick knock Nikki to the ground. He reached at his side and pulled Grief from its sheath. He charged forward and threw himself into Nick. A wave of pain burst through his body when he felt his body crash into Nick. It had caught Nick off guard though and sent him crashing to the ground. Lance quickly disregarded the pain and brought his sword up and slashed out at nick. He grinned when he heard when he had hoped to hear. Nick had let out a howl of pain as the sword cut into him slicing a large cut across his chest. There are not a lot of blades that can pierce a werewolf’s super hard hide, which is why most vampires used guns or other weapons. Grief, however, was very special, with its razor sharp edge, can pass through almost anything that gets in its way.

Nick let out an angry howl and charged Lance at full speed crushing or smashing anything that got in the way. Lance had been predicting this and decided to take a defensive stance and try to catch Nick off guard again. Bad idea. Nick jumped suddenly and threw his weight down on lance coming crashing directly down on him. Lance jumped back and brought his sword up in a defensive stance doing his best to protect himself from the reckless attack. Nick swung at Lance with his jagged claws from the right then left, left, right, left, left, right, He goes into a frenzy of attacks that overwhelms and begins to overpower Lance as he does his best to block the intimidating creature’s attacks. He had caught him off guard though and now had the advantage over Lance.

Lance brought his sword up and batted one of Nick’s arms away as it came down on him, but just as he did another came up and crashed hard into Lance’s arm. He felt a sharp burst of pain go through his arm and then his arm went completely numb from the blow. Lance cursed under his breathe and suddenly realized something. He was now wide open for an attack. Lance shut his eyes as a flash of burning pain shot out across his chest. A warm feeling creeped across his skin as a flow of blood began to come from the deep wounds. He stumbled backwards from the force of the blow and felt his back slam into one of the trees in the park. He opened his eyes just in time to see a large black claws come straight for his head. He quickly moved his head and heard nicks claws rip into the tree and saw splinters go flying. Nick rebounded back from it and brought both his arms at nick. Lance quickly reacted to it and jumped up grabbing one of the branches of the tree. He pulled himself up and twisted midair and dropped back down swinging himself behind Nick. He felt his foot crash into the Nick’s skull as he kicked at him from behind then dropped from tree branch when he heard the whine of the tree as nick crashed into the tree. Nick had stumbled forward from the kick and had managed to break the entire tree down from his weight as he fell on it. Lance had rebounded off from the kick perfectly and landed gracefully back down on the ground. He turned around to face Nick as he got up and was covered in pieces of wood and splinters. He screamed angrily and stared at Lance with rage filled eyes. Lance still had his sword at his side and rushed forward using his superhuman speed to get to him before he could even realize what had happened. He brought his sword up and Grief up, aimed directly at his heart. Lance suddenly yelled out “Wolf Bane! “And Grief begins to change suddenly. The sword edge glows brightly and when the glow goes down the razor edge of Grief is now silver and shines brightly in the moonlight. Lance thrusts the sword upward and rolls when he feels it pass through nicks chest impaling him. Nick swings at lance but only stumbles backward when he feels the sword lodged in his chest. At first he doesn’t think it much of a threat but soon realizes the full effect of the silver as an intense burning pain works its way from his chest out. Nick begins stumbling backwards uncontrollably and looks as if he would fall back onto the tree, impaling himself on its broken remains. He begins to sway and fall but begins to regain his balance. Lance silently curses under his breathe and watches nick, trying to think of what to do next.

The darkness began to disappear as Nikki as she began to wake. Her hearing and sight begin to come back as she hears the howls of pain coming from Nick and see the boy standing not to far away from him. She shook her head but stopped when a throbbing pain echoed in her skull and a sharp pain shot in the back of her head. She looked around trying to figure out what all was happening. When she saw Nick and the boy she began to remember and began to panic. She watched the boy wondering who he was and why he was just standing still and not fighting the monster that use to be Nick. Then she saw it. She saw how Nick was teetering over the broken remains of the tree and saw the dark metal of the handle of the sword sticking out of Nick’s chest. She began to look around franticly for someway to help this strange boy fight and finally kill the monster. She looked around and then saw the metal rod she had used earlier. She ran over and picked it up off he ground. She turned toward Nick. If she was going to do this she would have to time it perfectly. She started to run and then with all her strength threw the metal rod straight toward Nick. It whistled through the air until it came crashing into nick, smashing into his chest. He began to come crashing down, that final push had thrown him completely off balance and he was now falling down onto the shattered remains of the tree. He fell over with a loud crash onto the splintered and broken tree. The tree must have been made a very hard wood because when Nick fell, he had impaled himself on the jagged edges of the broken tree. He lay still on the trunk as he bleeds from the numerous holes punched in his body. The blood runs down from his body like a small river and that dyes the wood of the tree a deep crimson red.

Nikki sat down on the ground exhausted and tired and let out a long sigh. She sat trying to collect her thoughts and as they spun around in her head. She was trying desperately to try and figure out just what had happened. She lay back trying to catch her breathe and trying to relax herself.

Lance watched Nick fall onto the tree and did not move his gaze until he was sure that he was dead. A burning pain begins to singe him through his chest and arm as he tries to steady himself. He grasps his arm tightly when the pain begins to grow more and more intense and he falls to his knees slamming his eyes shut. He feels more warmth stream down his chest and begins to soak his shirt.

When Nikki finally catches her breath she sits up and looks at the dead body that was her old boyfriend. Then it finally hit her. She quickly began to panic and sprung up from the cold ground. She frantically began scanning over the park looking for the boy who had saved her life. She finally spots him and a look of fear comes over her face. He is now sitting on the ground doubled over in the now growing pool of blood. She quickly rushes over to him panicking and fearing the worse. “Are you ok?” She asked almost yelling. She didn’t mean to sound so panicked, she couldn’t help it. She was worried. “I’ll be fine”. Lance said quietly. “Are you sure?” Nikki asked, suddenly stumbling over her own words. She wasn’t sure why she asked the question. There was just something about his voice that drew her in. Even though he had only said one thing, she could already tell what kind of voice he had by how dominant it was and how much it stood out. “Yes, I'm sure”. Lance said in a calm and controlled tone, hoping it would convince her. He searched his body silently and tried to draw out what energy he could find in himself as he tries to stand but staggers and falls back to the ground. “Do you need any help?” Nikki asked her voice full of concern. Secretly, she was hoping he would answer so that she could hear his voice again. There was just something about his voice that drew her in with each and every word that he said. There was just something completely irresistible about his dark cool voice that she just could not resist. His voice wasn’t very deep, but it was very dark and there was something dark and haunting about it. Something made her sad though about it, every time he spoke, she could sense a lot of pain in his voice. She could that it wasn’t physical pain either. Something inside was hurting him. Nikki listened to him as she spoke again. His voice extremely smooth and elegant, but yet it wasn’t at the same time. “Are you offering?” Lance asked looking up at Nikki. She looked down into Lance’s eyes. There they were. Those mesmerizing blue and red eyes that she found herself hopelessly lost in each and every time she dreamt of him. She tried to answer him but she couldn’t find her breath and just stammered as she locked eyes with him again. She began to panic when she couldn’t find her breath and blushed when she realized just how much of a fool she was making of herself. Nikki quickly looked away trying to escape his gaze “yes” she answered over her shoulder. She was trying to catch her breath and breathed in a lung full of air as she tried desperately to breath. She could feel her face growing warmer as she could feel his stare behind her. “Good”. Lance said lifting one arm up into the air, inviting her to help him up. She moved under his arm and lifted him up off the ground allowing him to put all of his weight on her. She kept staring at him as he was now closer as she felt his weight against her. : do you really find me that fascinating?” Lance asked, looking over at her grinning. “Oh ummm”. Nikki said, tumbling over her own words as she tried to find the right ones to say. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare”. She said looking away as she felt her face get warmer. “It’s ok” Lance said giving her a warm smile. “So…” Nikki said trying to start a conversation with this enchanting young man. “Does my hero have a name?” She said looking at him curiously. “Lance” he replied quietly, almost as if his own name upset him. “And what about you?” he asked even though he already knew her name. “Nikki”. She replied cheerfully, trying to lay some charm on it as she said it. Lance repeated it a few times in his head and looked away. Something seemed different about her name now that he had finally met her. Lance looked over and watched Nikki quietly. He was surprised at how beautiful she looked in the dim light of the full moon. Just the way that he long black hair reflected the light of the moon and the stars and how her brown eyes shone in the dark of the night. He soon shook his attention off as he realized just how “improper” he was being and looked away from her.

They soon arrived at a dark intersection in the road and the streets. Lance looked around the shadows of the streets and began to pull away from Nikki. “I have got to go down this way now” He said quietly. He didn’t want to leave her, but he had to. If he didn’t, he would be in a lot of trouble Serist and The elders. He had no problem with getting into trouble with the elders; it was Serist he was afraid of. When Nikki felt Lance pulling away she quickly pulled him close again “no” she said without even realizing she said it and began searching her mind desperately looking for some way to cover it up. “At least come back to my house and let me take care of those cuts”. She said, genuinely concerned for him. Lance though about it and finally gave in. “Fine”. Lance said letting her drag him down the other street. “I can’t be long though” He said looking quietly away from her. “Why?” Nikki asked, curiosity getting the best of her. “Because, it’s not good for my kind to spend time with yours”. Lance said looking away trying to hide his face. “What do you mean?” Nikki asked turning her head so she could look him in the face.

Lance began to explain himself and explained the best he could about himself and his kind. He explained about vampires and how everything worked in their world. He explained how vampires naturally age slower than humans and how they were given natural “gifts” at birth. Nikki listened intently and tried her best to understand and asked questions often. She had a very hard time believing him , as would anybody, but something about what he was saying just seemed right to her. They soon arrived at Nikki’s house and every light in the house seemed to be off and the house seemed to be completely dark. Nikki walked up to the door and fished around in her pocket. When she felt the cold surface of the metal she pulled it out and shoved the key into the key hole of the door. She quietly unlocked the door and began to make her way into the house when she heard Lance suddenly speak up “you don’t believe me do you?” He asked her looking away sadly. Nikki looked down into his eyes and stared into them a few seconds. They drew her in as the dim light of the moon lit street bounced off the red and blue of his eyes. “No, I do”. She said quietly locking gaze with his eyes. They continued to stand there staring into each others eyes a few more moments before Nikki picked him up again and helped him into her house.

Chapter 10 ( unfinished)

Nikki walked into the house and looked around, looking to see if her mother was home. The entire house was dark and it didn’t look like her mom had been home since she left this morning for work. She walked down the hall and searched in the dark for a chair to set Lance down on. She walked around the house and turned a few of the lights on as she looked around making sure that her mom wasn’t home. It was still really dark in the house and she could barely see anything in front of her. “Wait here, ill be right back” she said walking back into the room that lance was in and then going down one of the halls. She had been through her house plenty of times in the dark and knew her way around. She needed to go up to her room to find some bandages for Lance. She walked down to the end of the hall and walked up the stairs tripping a few times on her way up. Half way up the stairs she began running, even though she wasn’t sure why she was hurrying so much. She flew up the stairs and down to the end of another hall almost running into the door of her room. She opened the door the door and ran into the bathroom next to her room searching the cupboards for some bandages big enough for Lance’s cuts. When she found some she walked back into her room and threw the bandages on her bed. She rushed out of her room and back down the stairs catching herself as she almost falls on her face when she trips on one of the last steps. She slowed herself down and walked back into the room she left Lance in and helped him back up and started down the hall again. “So, now where are we going?” Lance asks smiling. “Up to my room”. Nikki answered back quickly. “Why?” He Lance asked curious. Nikki thought hard, not quite sure herself why they were. She had to give him an answer though, so she though up something quickly. “Because, my room has a bathroom right next to it we can use”. She said trying to focus and not get distracted by him “it will make it easier to clean your cuts”. She said simply. They continued up the stairs and down the hall until they reached Nikki’s room and she helped him through the doorway setting him gently down on her bed. Nikki walked over to her dresser and picked up a pair of scissors and walked back over to the bed opening the bag of bandages. “Now, let’s see how bad they are” Nikki said quietly as she pulled the jacket from Lance’s shoulders. He winced a few times when he felt Nikki lift the jacket off of him and she eventually got it off of him setting it down on the bed next to them. She gently reached down and started to lift his shirt off, trying to avoid the cuts on his chest as best she could, and jumped when she suddenly felt Lance’s hand clamp down hard on her wrist. She drew a sharp breathe and a small sound jumped from her lips. She was surprised at how strong his grip was and she could feel her hand going numb as his solid grip on her wrist began cutting off the circulation to her hand. She looked along her arm and followed it down to his chest and saw why he had done it. When she was lifting his shirt it had caught onto one of the cuts, it was only a reflex. Lance looked down at his hand and unlatched it from her wrist watching Nikki as she rubbed her numb wrist. “Sorry” Nikki said, apologized as she moved the shirt off of the cut. “Sorry?” Lance asked surprised. “I'm the one who should be sorry”. He said looking down at the red marks on Nikki’s wrist. The both of them just sat and stared at each other with apologetic looks on their faces for what seemed like forever. Nikki continues to stare at lance a few more moments before going back to taking off his shirt, after she neatly folded it and set it on top of his jacket on the bed. She looked at his now bare chest and traced a hand over the deep cuts in the defined muscle of his chest. She was surprised at how defined the muscle was. It wasn’t big; it was just extremely defined and strong. She looked down at his arm and traced her fingers over the claw marks and holes in the flesh of his arm. She reached over on thebed and grabbed some of the bandages cutting them into strips with the scissors. She carefully wrapped the strips around his arm, being as careful and gentle as she could, making sure not to touch the claw marks and holes. He began tracing her fingers over his chest again feeling the cuts and lance drew in a quick breathe when he felt her gentle touch on his bare skin. He tried to breathe again and let the breath out but he just couldn’t. He tried again but still couldn’t find his breathe. He sat and watched Nikki, wondering how she had so easily, taken his breathe away. When Nikki finally took her hand off his chest, lance was finally able to let his breathe out and began breathing again. She ran her hand along his chest one last time, somehow fascinated with each muscle her hand touched. She reached over to pick up some more bandages but suddenly felt Lance’s hand touch her hand. She suddenly felt her face get a little warm as she looked down at his hand on hers. A warm feeling began washing over her as she tried to think of what to do. She looked up at lance hoping that maybe he would do something, but his face had gone red and he had the same expression on his dark face. She kept looking back up to Lance and soon enough, got hopelessly lost in his crystal blue and red eyes. She suddenly felt herself throw herself at him and she wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. She didn’t know what she was doing; it all was happing without her trying to. She felt herself slowly get closer and closer to him until she felt her lips press gently against his and she kissed him. When she finally realized what she was doing she pushed herself away from lance taking a few steps back. She opened the door of her room and turned back around to look at lance. “I’ll be right back” she said quietly as she slipped out into the hall and into another bathroom at the end of the hall. She flicked on the light and looked at herself in the mirror.

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