hey im brad i have 2 bros and 1 sis im happy till someone ruins my day and i love anime and im really bored most of the time i play games like unreal championship and gaia i used to play runescape and im always bored i will never do my work but i have to xp and i like playing um.... i have no idea....anyway i love doing actives and i play with my younger friends t.j. and teven and i really hate school but my teacher is differ she is fun...but as i was sayin i love violence and i like alot of songs (example) i like 3 days grace and so on (example over) like that and i LOVE ed eddn eddy it is funny as heck i swear i hate water but i like rain thats it rofl its funny but hate water i hate people teasing me i hate someone scares me except my family anyone else... no but... u get the point and im 14 3nodding and i have a girlfriend her name is jessie she split up and we havent seen each other in a while know and i miss her she was always beside me and one day, it all went wrong and she moved and i dont know were she moved i lost her and i was like, NO MY LIFE IS OVER and then i started to cry when i was at home when i was in kindergarden and then we seen each other and i was so happy i called her and know i can call her my life is sowing back up piece by piece and i was like YES WOW GRAND and like that sycle still goes and that.