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Shu-chan's journal
here is my work of art of writing up stories and povs
such a lonely day
The rain sprayed on the clear windows, bringing with it a bit of a strong breeze. A boy that looked to be fifteen to sixteen, sat next to the half opened window, watching the cars go by. His body sort of slanted on an angle, almost in sleep mode.

His parents had to go out for a while and would be back soon. But he knew they were never coming back. It had been at least three hours since they had left, saying they were going to the store. He sighed as a tear rolled down the side of his cheek.

A knock on the door snapped him out of his thoughts and he quickly got up to answer it. He dragged his feet across the wooden floor and peeked through the peep hole. he wiped away what remained of the tear and opened the door, revealing two men dressed in fancy suits, topped with hats.

"Alexander?" The teen simply nodded while the man that spoke to him took off his hat.

"I'm afraid to tell you but...your parents....have died in a car crash, they were quickly rushed to the hospital but...they didn't make it, I'm sorry" With that the man told him to appear at the court next week to figure out which family member he would be staying with for the next few years.

After the two men had left he shut the door quietly but began throwing things around, making the place a mess. He cryed out in vain as he tossed a dining chair across the room, breaking the chair into pieces. The wood of the chair scattered everywhere on the floor.

'I knew they hated me...' The boy thought as his tears dripped onto the wooden floor beneath him.

He made his way to the small couch like cushion that he was on earlier and banged on the glass of the window, muttering under his breath. He watched the two men drive away while he sat on his knees, his nose pressed against the glass, while the rain poured down even harder against the window.

'Why do they always leave?' The boy put his hand against the window, feeling the coldness of the glass as his breath fogged the window

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