so my friend Ashley asks me to go to the mall...i go...but have a feeling I'll be alone for a while. so i bring a book.

Demonata, BEC. book 4 of the series.

so I'm sitting...waiting, she texts me and says she wont go, none of my other friends can go, so i tag along with these random people.

this amazing girl jodie, and her two short friends...chris and eric.

now..although Eric was very short, he was a little cutie, what with his grunge attitude and stuff, but he was gay, and a bitchy one...haha, he bit me =.=

so I was being purposefully annoying, and chris and Eric didn't like me :] but Jodie could tell i was faking, so after hours of hanging out.

eric left, chris left, and me and jodie were waiting for our madres.

Jodie's mom was really pissed that jodie didnt have a ride home, and sped up to pick her up, cursing and stuff....she even asked jodie who that LOSER was that she was with.

and i was all mmmhmm hell no, when i get a record label, I'll feckin' remember dat ho. fer sure.

--The end.