well,first,I'll tell you why I'm gald I'm a girl.In the guys bathroom at school,someone stuffed paper towels down the drain and let the faucet run.so now they're all punished and have a "gift" called the port-a-potty.my friend's cat died,so he wasn't at school today.people keep asking me for stuff,so i made request forms.then a girl offered to use microsoft word to print them out and make them look fancy.so now i have fancy-smancy order forms.we're going on kayaking trip,and this one girl had 2 guys ask her to kayak with them.we're not allowed to have a kayak to ourselves,so this was a hard choice for her.one guy asked her after school,and this is what he said:"uuuuhhhhh.I feel stupid,but do you want to go kayaking with me"?lol.well,see ya'll later!